Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Event


September 13th, 2018

Pubtelligence West [Event Full]

September 13th in Santa Monica, California

Note: Pubtelligence West has reached capacity and is no longer accepting applications to attend

Pubtelligence is Google’s Certified Publishing Partner event designed exclusively for digital content creators, website owners, media outlets, and bloggers.

Pubtelligence started out as an invite-only event hosted at Google offices but has grown into one of the largest publisher-only events in the world.

It is a free event that includes Ezoic, SEMrush, and Google as co-collaborators. The event is a single-day engagement for digital publishers designed to highlight industry trends, data, emerging strategies, and to facilitate rare networking opportunities.

Apply to attend Pubtelligence West below.

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Pubtelligence West Has Reached Capacity


We hope you’ll be able to apply to attend at a future event.

We plan to host more events in London, New York, and San Francisco soon.

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Who Attends Pubtelligence?


Digital publishers, major media brands, bloggers, and website owners of all shapes and sizes are invited to apply to Pubtelligence.

Pubtelligence features speakers and sessions led by world-leading experts in digital publishing, SEO, online content creation, and content monetization. Past speakers include leaders from Google, the New York Times, popular blogs, SEMrush, Ezoic, CBSi, & more.

It is a day of learning devoid of vendors and solicitors. 99.8% of previous attendees have asked to be invited to attend again.

Pubtelligence West Details


Date: September 13th, 2018


Time: 9:00am-4:00pm


Location: Santa Monica, CA

Le Meridien Delfina Hotel & Resort

530 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405

[In the Delfina Ballroom]


Post-Event Happy Hour: 4:00-7:00pm

(immediately following the event)

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Why Attend Pubtelligence?


Pubtelligence is an exclusive publishers-only event featuring access to world-leading experts that requires no cost to attend (if your application is approved).

Pubtelligence West will focus on trends in digital publishing, programmatic monetization, SEO, and audience growth strategies. The event will feature expert-led education sessions, live data-sharing, panels, and Q&A’s.

Past attendees have raved about the networking opportunities available at Pubtelligence. These events are one of few places where publishers can openly connect with fellow content creators and Googlers while avoiding vendors and solicitors.

Time Until Pubtelligence West








Pubtelligence West Agenda

The Morning Sessions

9-10am - Registration / Breakfast Networking

All attendees must check-in before 9:45am

Open networking reception for all attendees, speakers, and staff members. Complimentary food and coffee are provided.

10-10:30am - The Magic of Small Changes - Tyler Bishop, Host / Award-winning marketer
Tyler Bishop starts the event with a look at why 2018 might be shaping up to be one of the best years ever in digital publishing.


He will highlight data regarding surging ad rates and will showcase how publishers that have made very small changes have found ways to capitalize on such a strong market.



Tyler Bishop, Award-winning marketer

10:30-11:00am - How to Take a Month Off From Creating Content - Ashley Ward, SEMrush


Creating content that can be reused is an effective way to extend the life of your content, increase it’s views, and reach your content marketing goals.

In this session, we will look at the different ways businesses have reused content and the results that have stemmed from doing so. We’ll also run a full content audit to learn what the best types of content to recycle are and rules to follow when reusing your content.

Once you’ve gained a deeper understanding of reusable content strategies, we’ll then analyze how to measure the effectiveness of this recycled content and which tools will best help us find ROI.

Gain a new strategic plan to take back to your office with on how to recycle your content at low costs and achieve high ROI with this talk.


Ashley Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEMrush

11-11:30am - Google & The Future of The Mobile Web - Matt Ludwig, Google
Matt will be discussing the mobile future of the web. He will discuss emerging mobile web standards and strategies. He’ll look at where things like AMP, PWAs, and more all fit into this equation.



Matt Ludwig, Google 

11:30-11:55am - What You Can Learn From My Time at Hearst - Paul Cassar, former CDO - Hearst
Tyler and Paul will sit down to chat about his long career in the publishing and advertising spaces — including his experiences at Hearst Publications. Hearst owns major publications like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Redbook, The History Channel, and more.


Paul Cassar, former Chief Digital Officer of Hearst Publications

Break For Lunch
Complimentary lunch will be provided to all in attendance

The Afternoon Sessions

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch
Complimentary lunch will be provided to all attendees.
1:00pm-1:40pm - How to Identify and Repair SEO Issues - Marcela De Vivo & Arsen Rabinovich

Technical SEO is necessary to grow and maintain your rankings, traffic, and conversions–regardless of what new Google update rolls out. In “Technical Tune-up,” you will…

  • Learn how to improve the quality of your website via technical SEO.
  • Gain insights into the most important technical SEO elements in 2018.
  • Get strategies to approach and implement technical audits of any size.

You’ll walk away from this session with the ability to identify and fix any technical problem on your site and watch your traffic grow.


Aresen Rabinovich, Managing Partner, TopHatRank

Marcela De Vivo, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEMrush

1:40pm-2:10pm - Data Drives Better Decisions - Dr. Greg Starek

Dr. Greg will share some unprecedented data on website visitor behavior.

He will explore multiple case studies in which the engagement and behavior of the visitor drove very different results for different types of web properties.

His insights will show what types of experiences have the potential to disrupt a visitor session and what the long-term financial impact could be for these types of disturbances. Lastly, Dr. Greg will present a paradigm that can prevent this kind of negative experience in the future.


Dr. Greg Starek, Head of Data Science, Ezoic

2:10pm-2:20pm Break

Scheduled break

2:25pm-2:55pm - Happy Accidents: Lessons In Growing Your Site - Robert Diamond, BroadwayWorld

Robert Diamond opens up about the twists and turns of growing a global web brand in this fireside chat. He will be discussing the challenges of scaling an editorial team, building a global audience, and developing a sustainable publishing business from scratch.



Robert Diamond, Founder of

(Interviewed by Ohad Tzur, VP of Global Business at Ezoic)

2:55pm-3:25pm - How Grew to 50M Monthly Visitors - Clark Benson, CEO of

Clark Benson tells the story of and how they grew to 50 million monthly visitors quickly.

Clark will go into depth about how has succeeded as both an organic publisher and social publisher.


Founder of, Clark Benson

3:30pm-4:00pm - End of The Day Leadership Q&A

The end of the day Q&A is an opportunity for all attendees to ask questions (town hall format) about anything that was discussed during the event — or anything else related to digital publishing — to a conglomeration of industry experts and speakers from the day.

Panel Members:

Dwayne Lafleur, CEO and Founder of Ezoic

Aresen Rabinovich, Founder & Managing Partner, TopHatRank

Matt Ludwig, Google

Founder of, Clark Benson

Ashley Ward, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEMrush

Premium Friday Workshop (Optional)

“Day After” Workshop

For attendees interested in diving deeper into the material discussed on Thursday’s Pubtelligence, we will be hosting a half-day workshop on Friday, September 14th (9am-12pm).

Location: In The Espada Room at Le Meridien Hotel

Friday’s optional workshop will feature …

  • 1 hour of instruction from the SEMrush team on how to implement some of the practices discussed Thursday on publisher sites using SEMRush tools.
  • 45 minutes of instruction from the Ezoic team on how to leverage the Ezoic platform to make your site faster, improve performance, increase revenue, and ensure best practices are utilized when working with Ezoic.
  • 30 minutes of instruction from website infrastructure expert, David Schmeltzle. David will present case studies on how to improve website speed.
  • 45 minutes of Q&A with all workshop presenters.

The event will focus on actionable steps that publishers can take using SEMrush and Ezoic tools and products to improve their business. This will include walk-throughs and live demonstrations.

The event will feature a live &A at the end where publishers can present their real-world challenges for review and expertise from Ezoic and SEMrush team members

The cost to attend the optional Friday workshop is $99.00. You can sign-up for the Friday workshop after you have applied and had your application to attend Pubtelligence approved*

*an approval confirmation will be sent allowing you to opt-in for the Friday workshop after approval. 


FAQ About Pubtelligence

Do Publishers Have To Pay To Attend Pubtelligence?
There is no cost to attend Pubtelligence whatsoever.


The event is application-only (but anyone can apply to attend). If your application is approved, you will receive a full access pass to the full event agenda.

Breakfast, lunch, and happy hour are all complimentary for attendees as well.

The event is provided to publishers cost-free by Google, SEMrush, & Ezoic (purely as organizers, not sponsors) and is designed to be a day of learning for a diverse group of digital publishers of all sizes and niches.

Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Where Should We Stay For The Event?

The event is being held at Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica in Santa Monica, California. It is right off the Pacific shore and still has a number of rooms available.

Hotel attached to event venue: Rooms still available at Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica 

Santa Monica is a gorgeous area with many lodging options. Below are some additional hotel and resort options that are within walking (or a very short Uber ride) from the event venue.

Other Recommended Nearby Hotels:

Why Applications To Attend?
Pubtelligence is an extremely popular event and we typically reach capacity quickly.


Previous events have been held at Google offices in San Francisco and New York. While we are trying to increase the number of these events — and diversify where they are held — we are committed to maintaining an extremely diverse and high-quality audience to ensure that the value of the event remains up to the standard we have set at previous events.

Pubtelligence is designed to bring smart publishers, experts, and thought leaders together in one place for the expressed purpose of learning and growing.

We want to bring together as many different kinds of publishers and website owners as possible to ensure that the event is rich and enlightening for everyone. To do this, we have to have an application process.

We know that’s not fun, but we promise the approval process happens really fast, so you won’t have to wait to find out 😉

Is Pubtelligence Worth My Time?
We sure hope so!

Our exit surveys from previous events show a 100% “yes” rating on the question “Was Pubtelligence Worth Your Time Today?”

Pubtelligence was very thoughtfully crafted by teams at Google, SEMrush, and Ezoic. +98% of past event attendees have asked to be invited again and 94.6% said they would be willing to travel across the globe just to join!

The event is designed to be informative, enlightening, and interactive for publishers and website owners of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve collected feedback from every event and use that to improve Pubtelligence. For example, last time we heard that publishers wanted to see more case studies, expert discussion on SEO, and opportunities to network informally. Pubtelligence West has incorporated all of this feedback.

We think this combination of education, insights, and interactivity will give all attendees the ability to dive deep into new discoveries about their digital properties.

We believe this will result in unprecedented opportunities to develop growth strategies and discover new techniques for developing your business.

Can I See A Preview of What To Expect?

This is a video recorded at Pubtelligence West last year at Google in San Fransisco.

Can I Bring A Guest?

In the application, there is a section where you can list if you plan to bring a guest.

If your application is approved, your guests are approved as well and you can enter their names and e-mails on the official guest registry.

Why is the event just for publishers?
We’ve found that this is what makes Pubtelligence so great.

Our experts and speakers can address topics specific to one unified audience. Webmaster, SEO, and other web-related topics are often broadly addressed. Pubtelligence is specific to online content creators and brands. This makes the information more actionable and much more helpful to those that attend.

This also makes networking much more enticing and beneficial for everyone. No one has to navigate around vendors or non-publishers. It makes for a very friendly and helpful environment.

We’ve had publishers tell us that the event’s networking opportunities transformed their brand/business.

Pubtelligence West Has Reached Capacity


We hope you’ll be able to apply to attend at a future event.

We plan to host more events in London, New York, and San Francisco soon.