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Ted Chen

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Ezoic Start: September 2021

Ezoic Level: 1

Ezoic Revenue Increase: 101%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: 8%

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Magic: The Gathering


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Ted’s Story

Ted Chen owns and operates – a website dedicated to promoting Magic: the Gathering, one of the first and most popular trading card games in the world. Short for “Tap and Sacrifice,” Tap & Sac is one of the most commonly used in-game lingos in Magic: the Gathering. After building the website back-end as a solo effort, Ted and a team of writers strived to create content that explained the complex game in a way simple enough for new players to pick up. The next step was monetization for the business with Ezoic.

The breakthrough came in the second half of 2021, almost a year since the first article was written. Several articles and keywords were ranking organically between 1st-3rd on Google, leading to modest but consistent traffic for the past few months. For 2022, Ted hopes to take Tap & Sac further with video content, generating strong and informative articles for evergreen topics, expanding the writing team to an international level, and further increase ad revenue.

After being accepted into Ezoic, they have been there every step of the way with me. From creating ad placeholders to offering webinars where I can level up my learning, I would say they are single handily one of the top reasons why I have achieved the success I have thus far.

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