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Gareth Williams

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Ezoic Start: September 2021

Ezoic Level: 1

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +226%

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United States




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Gareth’s Story

Gareth Williams owns and operates Based in England, UK, Gareth works as the CAD marketing manager. If you’re unfamiliar, CAD is computer-aided design that’s commonly used by architects, engineers, and construction managers. Gareth started the online CAD website in 2012 to attract users to his other website which was providing professional CAD services in the architectural sector. After launching CAD Blocks Free, Gareth realized the level of traffic coming to the site was growing very quickly.

In 2021 Gareth and his team redesigned the website which was a bit painful. This lofty task, in addition to the poor relationship with their previous ad ops shop, put them in a bad spot. After researching other ad partners, they were approached by Ezoic. Within a matter of days, they saw a huge increase in revenue and it’s still continuing.

If you have a website and are not generating the ad revenue you expect please try Ezoic! You will not be disappointed. I am gutted I didn’t try Ezoic years ago as I have lost thousands on the table with other ad partners!

Learn how Gareth was introduced to website monetization and how he ended up using Ezoic. Read about the highlights Gareth has experienced with the Ezoic team. In addition, he recounts his record-breaking revenue as well as a head to head comparison to a competitor.

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