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Kenneth Carlos

Fast Facts

Ezoic Start: August 2018

Ezoic Level: 3

Ezoic EPMV Increase: +32%

Ezoic Tools & Features Active


Ad Tester

Video Player

SEO Tag Tester

Consent Management

Best Performing Number of Ads Per Page


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Last Month EPMV


Kenneth’s story

Kenneth Carlos is a successful publisher who has been in the business for over two decades. His site,, is a website dedicated to free sweepstakes and contests, and has been active since 1997. Kenneth and the other co-founder of the site are sweepstakes enthusiasts who wanted to deliver the best possible way of entering sweepstakes and contests. With their directory, sweepstakes search engine, organizational tools, and their forum, they have aided in increasing the odds of winning.

“Something I enjoy most about working on this site is helping many people win free prizes, some of which have been life-changing,” said Kenneth.

Highlights from Kenneth at

In his 3+ years as an Ezoic publishers, Kenneth has utilized many features to increase his website’s performance. Here are some key things he has focused on to rise from a small publisher to Level 3:

  • Leap: He has employed Leap to get his desktop Core Web Vitals score to 91. This ensures a better user experience for most visitors.
  • Ad Tester: This feature (his favorite Ezoic feature) helps him to make sure ads are showing differently to each visitor.
  • SEO Tag Tester: He tests different page titles to make sure his page is always ranking as high as it can in the SERP.

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