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James Thomas

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Fast Facts

Ezoic Start: October 2020

Ezoic Level: 3

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +180%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: 19.7%

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James’ Story

James has been working tirelessly on his website,, to give advice and information on wallets to his niche audience. Based in the United Kingdom, James has built the largest “authority site, eCommerce store and forum dedicated to my niche.” Wow!

His website features everything from detailed reviews on wallets to information on specific brands, even featuring a quiz to help match the audience member to their perfect wallet. His approach to running a website? “We believe the internet can be misused and exploited for individual gain (thanks to being open and decentralized) and wanted to create a site that proves that sometimes doing things slowly and for the right reasons has its own advantages, long-term benefits in a website’s overall marketing strategy, and business development.”

We’ve come far, and it’s only thanks to Ezoic’s amazing service in helping us to generate steady income that we’ve been able to take this approach to our site.

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