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Holly Verran

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Ezoic Start: October 2020

Ezoic Level: 1

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +655%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: 41%

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Holly’s Story

Holly Verran owns and operates Based in Ottawa, Canada, Holly works as a dental hygienist and has turned to blogging as a creative outlet, as well as an unexpected source of income. Holly’s advice for those just starting out: “My advice to anyone who is looking to try something new, be it a new sport, or a new career path, is to imagine if you started today, where you will be in 1, 2 and 10 years if you stayed consistent. Set yourself attainable goals, and go get them!”

After being accepted into Ezoic, they have been there every step of the way with me. From creating ad placeholders to offering webinars where I can level up my learning, I would say they are single handily one of the top reasons why I have achieved the success I have thus far.

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Learn how Holly’s experience with Ezoic has helped her increase her traffic and revenue over the first year operating her site. As a new publisher, Holly is able to find the resources she needs to better her site and user experience, all while earning more revenue.

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