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Emmanuel Crouy

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Ezoic Start: January 2021

Ezoic Level: VIP

Average Monthly Revenue: $90,000

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +1,349.18%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: 48%

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Emmanuel’s Story

Emmanuel is the CEO and co-founder of, based in Singapore. GrabJobs is a leading global job site and recruitment platform, enabling job seekers and employers to connect seamlessly. GrabJobs develops technology that helps companies automate the repetitive and time-consuming stages of the recruitment process. Over 10,000 companies use GrabJobs to cut down their recruitment process time by 90%, such as Uniqlo, H&M, McDonald’s, DHL and Accor Hotels. In order to make the most of his site from a revenue perspective, Emmanuel turned to Ezoic just over a year ago and has already seen extraordinary results. Since Emmanuel started using Ezoic, his site’s EPMV has tripled in 9 months from $25 (March) to $75 (November). As a high traffic site, with nearly 5 million pageviews, Emmanuel consistently uses Ezoic’s Revenue Analytics platform and says “[Ezoic’s analytics feature] is excellent and very user friendly. It’s been the #1 contributor to us increasing ad revenue by making improvements to our pages and traffic acquisition strategy.”

Thanks to the decisions we made based on Ezoic Analytics, combined with Ezoic’s AI bidding system, we were able to double our Ad Revenue within 6 months.

From $44K per month using only Google Adsense (before Ezoic), to $88K per month using Ezoic.

Highlights from Emmanuel at

Emmanuel uses features within the Ezoic dashboard to make better decisions for his site, and his audience. Since joining Ezoic he has increased his EPMV by over 48%. Here are a few reports and data points Emmanuel uses to optimize his site:

  • Size of placeholders, where placeholders are shown, types of ads, meaning he can optimize the number of ads on page
  • Types of pages/content that generates the most revenue, meaning he creates more content/pages that are likely to produce more revenue
  • Countries that generate the most revenue, meaning he focuses more time on getting traffic from high EPMV / ad revenue countries
  • Competitor ads to block from appearing, meaning he has the ability to always be in control

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