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Chris Awoyale

Fast Facts

Ezoic Start: April 2021

Ezoic Level: 2

EPMV % Increase in Last Month : +36.46%

Revenue % Increase in Last Month: +38.32%

Top Categories of Content

Faith and Prayers

Love and Relationships

Appreciation Quotes and Messages

Birthday and Anniversary

Ezoic Tools & Features Active


Big Data Analytics

Levels Dashboard

Ezoic Communities

Ezoic Premium

Highest Monthly Pageviews


Content with Best Performing Word Counts

5,000+ word articles produced $45 in revenue compared to 500-750 word articles with $0.05 in revenue

When LEAP was activated on my site, my pagespeed insight score for mobile jumped to 81%, while my desktop stood at 97%. The tools I needed to save up to buy to improve my speed are not needed anymore. LEAP gave me the advantage without paying a dime!

Featured Review

Chris searched for a simple, yet effective solution to monetizing his website. He found Ezoic and has since been growing revenue and traffic and improving UX at the same time. Learn how he was able to use the tools and resources available through Ezoic to excel his growth.

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