Publisher Profile

Robert Diamond

Fast Facts

Ezoic Start: July 2018

Ezoic Level: VIP

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +35%

Visits % Increase Over Last Year: +81%

Top Categories of Content


People Pages



Ezoic Tools & Features Active


SEO Tag Tester

Enhanced AI Placeholders

Big Data Analytics

Levels Dashboard

Last Month Pageviews

5.7 Million

Best Performing Ads Per Page


Robert Diamond’s Story

A premier NY-based entertainment publisher, Broadway World has over 5 million monthly visitors. They sought new techniques to expedite revenue growth and enhance visitor experiences. Previously, CEO and Editor in Chief, Robert Diamond leveraged direct brand deals in Google Ad Manager as a primary source of monetization. Robert and his team began exploring different ways they could increase revenue and apply data to visitor segmentation and personalization. Now they scale experiments and manage the progress of their goals with Ezoic.

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