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Anita Hummel

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Ezoic Start: March 2021

Ezoic Level: 2

Ezoic Revenue Increase: +7,260.77%

EPMV % Increase Over 1 Year: +169.83%

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United States

United Kingdom



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Anita’s Story

Anita Hummel owns and operates She’s based in Hanoi, Vietnam, and has spent the past 30 years traveling the world. She joined Ezoic almost a year ago, and since then has been adding content on all sorts of topics to her blog.

Anita is a self-described “non-techie” person, but she has found success with using Ezoic’s many tools to improve her site. Her takeaway? No matter where you are, no matter your publishing experience, Ezoic can help you kick-start your site!

I honestly feel like Ezoic is vested in my success as much as I am, so that makes them a vital partner for me. I really like and appreciate this about Ezoic.

Featured Review

In this review, Anita details a list of reasons why Ezoic has worked for her, and what she has learned in the process. Check out her experience about how different features have given her success!

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