Ezoic Access Now for

Access Now + Perks

Ezoic for Project 24

Ezoic Access Now allows all sites (no matter their size) to start using Ezoic with no pageview limitations, but there are certain perks that only Project 24 members get. See them marked throughout this page

Access to free tools major brand publishers are using

LEAP: A single platform for Core Web Vitals

Ezoic Edge: ads & pages delivered Server-side

Ezoic Cloud: built to serve faster content & ads

Intelliprotect: Ad penalty & bot protection

(free) Ezoic+: extended tools & reporting

Empowered by Education

Self-Serve Onboarding

  1. Take basic badge prep courses to learn about integration
  2. Complete cloud integration to start the review process
  3. Take badge prep courses for the features you want to use
  4. Earn certification badges to unlock features
  5. Put your education to practice and begin with Ezoic
  6. When eligible, submit your set-up for expert review

Cloud Integration

Unmatched Performance

Most popular and effective, Cloud Integration* provides access to all Ezoic tools at the server level. This means unparalleled revenue, user experience, speed, data insights, and security.

*Cloud—name server or Cloudflare—integration = program eligibility.

Work at your own pace

Earn badges, unlock features.

Basic Badge

Only required to enter the $200-bonus raffle.

Monetization Badge

Badge required to unlock Monetization features.

Speed Badge

Badge required to unlock Ezoic’s Speed features.

Twist Channels

Collaborative Communities

Program members get access to accelerated support. As you move through channels you’ll be accompanied by Ezoic team members and fellow publishers.

“The courses are phenomenal. Excited to dig into the platform and practically implement what I’ve learned.”

Certified Access Now Publisher


What is the review process?

While we’ve abandoned the pageview limitation requirement, sites will be reviewed to ensure they comply with our basic ad policy. Reviews for Project 24 members can take up to 6 business days (4 less than Access Nows regular program).

What is the $200-bonus raffle?

Project 24 members who earn all 3 badges (basic, monetization, speed) will automatically be entered in a raffle to win a one-time, $200 bonus. The bonus for Project 24 members is $100 more than the bonus offered to Access Now publishers. At the end of each quarter, we will randomly draw 2 publishers and issue bonus payments.

How do I unlock features with badges?

You will need to pass (75%+) the badge certification tests to earn your badges and unlock respective features.

What if I don’t pass? That’s okay. Test attempts are unlimited, but wait times between attempts do apply.

Do I need an AdSense account to use Ezoic?

No. Ezoic does not require sites to have an AdSense account to use Ezoic. If you have an existing AdSense account, you can link it to Ezoic.

How do I get support?

Accelerated Support: We encourage you to primarily use the collaborative learning communities—Twist channels—to search for your question. If you don’t see your question, please start a new thread. Our team members in Twist are eager to help you! 

We also recommend bookmarking Ezoic’s Knowledge Base which has an abundance of helpful articles.

What are the wait times between test attempts?

If you do not pass the basic, monetization or speed badge certification test, wait times below apply:

  • If your score was above 65% but less than passing (75%), you will have to wait 12 hours in between attempts.
  • If your score was 65% or less, you will have to wait 24 hours in between attempts.

Will serving ads with Ezoic slow my site down?

Technically speaking, all ads slow sites down, no matter where they come from, but we combat that with Ezoic Cloud. As an Ezoic Access Now member, your site automatically serves display ads using cutting-edge server-side technology, making ads fast and Core Web Vital friendly.