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Automated technology that creates and shows unique ad layouts for every visitor to your site, maximizing ad revenue.

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The speed toolset that ensures the delivery of your ads and content always passes Core Web Vitals.

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Track ad performance and gather actionable insights to drive your business all within our expansive analytics platform.

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Designed for publishers, Ezoic Cloud is a high-speed CDN optimized to swiftly deliver pages, ads, and content.

Award Winner

Ezoic won the Google Business Innovation Award for its significant impact on publisher revenue.

Ezoic continues to serve as an elite, technology solution and Google Certified Publishing Partner.

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Universal Player

Universal Player

Serve video ads based on the user's position on the page

Ad Mediation Money

Ad Mediation

The easy button for publishers to earn more revenue

Direct Deals

Direct Ads

Maintain and manage deals with pre-existing partners

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