Next is Ezoic's product release event that features the availability of new, groundbreaking tools and features leading up to Customer Week on October 17th, 2022

Weekly Product Releases

by level

A new product will be announced each week and released to all existing customers by level. You can see the release schedule below to learn more about when products will be available to you. Check the messaging center in Ezoic by logging into your account for updates or follow along here as we add more details. 

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"With the full products we're announcing during Next , our sites will be equipped with groundbreaking new tools that will significantly increase opportunities to earn revenue and decrease the time it takes to create content and build audiences. Our sites will have a huge advantage and will grow as others fail to adapt. I believe we'll see most sites grow 2-3x faster when they use all of the products we're announcing.

Tyler BishopCMO, Ezoic
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We will make sure you don't miss out and will be providing more info through customer week. Check your Ezoic account messages and follow our blog for more details.