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Most Recent Podcasts

EPISODE 131 – Scaling Your Digital Properties w/Passive Income Geek

For this special episode, Tyler sits down with Morten Storgaard from Income School Geek to discuss his method for scaling digital properties that he’s developed for over 10 years.

Check out Morten’s Youtube Channel here.



EPISODE 130 – Commerce Content for Changes in Consumer Demand & How to Appropriately Use Clickbait Titles

Tyler and Shelby talk about a new menu feature in the COVID-19 Google SERP that some SEOs think are here to stay. They also discuss how Future Publishing is adapting its commerce content to changing consumer needs and how to successfully use clickbait titles.


EPISODE 129 – Amazon Cuts Affiliate Payouts & Google Being Forced to Pay French News Publishers for Content

Tyler and Shelby discuss how Amazon recently slash payouts to their affiliates. They also talk about how Betches is providing ‘Quarantainment’ to their readers and how Google recently lost a case that obligates Google to compensate French news publishers for using their content.


EPISODE 128 – How Food Publishers are Helping the Restaurant Industry & Teen Vogue’s Virtual Prom

Tyler and Shelby discuss how Teen Vogue is engaging their audience by hosting a virtual prom and how food publishers are giving back to the restaurant industry. They also talk about Bing’s new snippet controls and new changes to Google featured snippets.


EPISODE 127 – Why Snopes Can’t Handle the New Surge of Misinformation & The New Chrome 81 Update

Tyler and Shelby discuss how sports media companies are getting creative without any live games. They also talk about how can’t keep up with misinformation while ad rates slide and the new Chrome 81 update.


EPISODE 126 – Ad Rate Expectations for Q2 & User Behavior on the Open Web

Tyler and Shelby discuss a new study that compares user behavior and attitude while browsing the open web versus browsing social platforms. They also talk about how ad rates are expected to tank at the start of Q2 and how publishers should navigate coronavirus-related content.


EPISODE 125 – How to Grow Your Digital Portfolio w/One Hour Professor

For this special episode, Tyler Bishop is joined by Ron Stefanski from One Hour Professor to discuss how to he has grown his digital portfolio which includes seven websites and a successful Youtube channel.


EPISODE 124 – How Publishers are Handling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tyler and Shelby discuss how The Weather Channel is customizing its programming in response to the pandemic and how many publishers are taking down their paywalls for coronavirus related content. They also talk about a study on brand bias in Google Search.


EPISODE 123 – How to Build a Successful Youtube Channel w/Niche Site Project

For this special episode, Tyler Bishop is joined by Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project to discuss how to launch a successful Youtube Channel. They dive into how to get started, what metrics to look at, and much more.


EPISODE 122 – GDPR and Antitrust Investigations & New Voice Features on Android

Tyler and Shelby discuss investigations surrounding GDPR violations from ad tech companies and how Congress tightening down on antitrust. They also talk about Android’s new voice feature which can translate and read entire webpages out loud.


EPISODE 121 – How COVID-19 is Effecting Publishers & Google’s New FAQ Markup Guidelines

Tyler and Shelby are joined again by John Cole to discuss how The New York Times is expecting ad revenue to decrease due to the coronavirus outbreak. They also talk about Buzzfeed’s new texting campaign, Google’s new FAQ markup guidelines and how the biggest adult website is moving into non-adult content.


EPISODE 120 – The Rise of Programmatic & Google’s Patent Application to Categorize Websites

Tyler and Shelby are joined by John Cole to discuss the rise of programmatic and how Famous Birthdays have been able to build a media company on the back of programmatic ads. They also talk about Google’s patent application.


EPISODE 119 – Youtube Testing Donations, Complex’s New E-Course & Tips for Content Marketing

Tyler and Shelby talk about how Youtube testing a new form of monetization which lets creators earn money directly from viewers and how Complex is working the Parsons School of Design for an online course on streetwear. They also discuss how Warner Bros have changed the name of the newly release Harley Quinn movie for SEO and cover content marketing tips.


EPISODE 118 – The Need States that Influence Search & Content for Gen Z vs Millennials

Tyler and Shelby discuss research conducted by Google which suggests that 6 different need states influence search behavior and differences between GenZ and Millennials when it comes to content. They also talk about the rise of Dotdash and a few tips for growing your Pinterest following.


EPISODE 117 – How Publishers Are Partnering w/Starbucks, TikTok Rivals & What Influences Search Clickthrough

Tyler and Shelby discuss how publishers are partnering with Starbucks to gain new readers and how Google has launched a new short-form video app to rival TikTok. They also talk about a new survey on what influences search clickthrough and how Verizon Media is targeting Millenials and GenZ with its new finance hub.


EPISODE 116 – Top Digital Content Trends, Auto-Refreshing Ad & The Newest Ad Free Subscription Service

Tyler and Shelby talk about Scroll, the new subscription service offering ad-free access to hundreds of websites. They also discuss the growing use of auto-refreshing ads, Google Search Console’s new removals tool, and data from a recent survey on the top digital content trends in 2020.


EPISODE 115 – Google Search Redesign, Rich Snippets & Spotify’s Playlists for Pets

Tyler and Shelby discuss Google’s new desktop search redesign and how webpages with featured snippets no longer appear twice on the first page of organic search results. They also talk about how Spotify is engaging its users with playlists for pets and tips for creating successful Youtube videos.


EPISODE 114 – January 2020 Google Core Update, Mobile Ad Blocking & The Demise of College Humor

Shelby is joined by special guest Suthe Mani to discuss Google’s latest core update and how 50% of news publishers are planning for subscriptions. They also talk about mobile ad blockers and how College Humor lost its bet on video subscription.


EPISODE 113 – Testing Bilingual Content, How to Gain IG Followers & the Most Engaging Topics from 2019

Tyler and Shelby discuss how USA Today is testing bilingual content with a new series. They also talk about the most engaging topics from last year, tips on writing headlines that drive traffic and clicks, and how BBC and Bloomberg are gaining Instagram followers.


Episode 112 – Trends in Digital Publishing: Looking Back at 2019 & Looking Forward to 2020

In this special holiday episode, Tyler takes a look back at 2019 trends in digital publishing that were predicted like publishers using mixed-revenue models and increased governmental privacy compliance laws. Tyler also goes over some that trends that didn’t gain traction like ad rates not surpassing 2018 holiday rates, the rise of “vertical” storytelling, and Tyler takes a look into what’s to come in 2020.


Episode 111 – How Spotify Uses Personalized Data, Media Stats from Nov ’19, and Unsplash’s Sponsored Images

Tyler and Shelby cover some media stats about Tiktok, podcasts, and media consumption. They also discuss how Spotify is using user data to connect with their audience and Unsplash’s unique way of selling sponsored content.


Episode 110 – How Users Navigate Search, Gift Guide Strategies, and Twitter Now Allows ‘Hide Replies’ to Tweets

Tyler and Shelby discuss how users navigate search features and what it means for SEO, how publishers are updating their gift guide strategies to stay competitive on search and social, and that the Telegraph is moving beyond clicks to convince marketers its ads work. They also discuss how Twitter now allows users to hide replies to a Tweet.


Episode 109 – Instagram Adds “Reels” Feature, Chrome Warns of Mixed Content, & The Atlantic’s Subscriber-Only App

Tyler is joined by Suthe as they discuss how Instagram adds new features for publishers called “Reels” that appear to be them taking on TikTok, how publishers are trying new tactics to sell their direct buying platforms, and how Google Chrome now warns of “Mixed Content.” They also discuss how the Atlantic is launching a subscriber-only application.


Episode 108 – Delish Doubles Site Traffic, Apple’s ‘Link Decoration’ Update, & Google Chrome’s New Badge of Shame

Tyler is joined by Suthe this week as they discuss how Delish doubles site traffic by focusing on search, the impact of Apple’s latest privacy update thwarting ‘link decoration’, and they answer the question of whether publishers should worry about Apple News+. They also discuss the new Google Chrome “badge of shame” for slow sites.


Episode 107 – R.I.P. Deadspin, Google Search Console Rolls Out Speed Report, and Google’s New WordPress Plugin

Tyler and Shelby discuss the death of Deadspin, how Google Search Console is beginning to roll out Speed Report, and Google has a new WordPress plugin. They also discuss how Immediate Media tests a new way to share data directly with advertisers.


Episode 106 – New FTC Rules, USA Today Rebuilds Its Website, and the Google BERT Update

Tyler and Shelby discuss how the new Federal Trade Commission rules are starting to crack down on fake social media followers, likes, and fake reviews. USA Today also rebuilds its website. They also discuss how is in an ad standoff with its owner, G/O Media, and about the Google BERT update.


Episode 105 – Publishers Roll Out Impeachment Content, Side Platforms Success, and Top Ways to Promote Your Blog

Tyler and Shelby discuss how publishers are rolling out impeachment newsletters and podcasts, the unexpected ways publishers have been finding success with side platforms, and the top ways to promote your blog.


Episode 104 – Google’s New Snippet Controls, Re-engaging Dormant Email Subscribers, and Pubtelligence Recap

Tyler and Shelby discuss Google’s new snippet controls, how publishers are re-engaging dormant email subscribers, and how Bon Appetit is treating editors like influencers. They also recap Pubtelligence San Francisco 2019.


Episode 103 – Tips for Starting a Newsletter, FB Settles Over Inflated Video Stats Lawsuit, and Google to Use AI

Tyler and Shelby discuss 3 tips for starting a newsletter, that recently FB agrees to pay advertisers over inflated video stats, and how Google will use AI to determine how often site visitors see ads. They also discuss the Taboola and Outbrain merger.


Episode 102 – Google’s September Core Update, Burda Media Cutting Ad Clutter, and Yoast Updates Snippet Features

Tyler and Shelby discuss the details of Google’s September Core update and how Google says it will exclude French publishers from search results. They also discuss how the Yoast update will opt users into all snippet features by default, and how Burda Media increased ad revenue by cutting ad clutter.


Episode 101 – Programmatic Advertising Growth in Europe & the U.S. House Antitrust Panel Seeks Documents from GAFA

Tyler and Shelby are joined by John Cole and Paul Cassar of Ezoic to discuss that despite GDPR, programmatic advertising is still growing in Europe, the U.S. House antitrust panel is seeking documents from GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple), and about how the ad tech industry is crowded and competitive.


Episode 100 – Stats from 3.25 Billion Site Visits, CTR from 5 Million Google Visits, and Short-Term CPM Spikes

Tyler and Shelby are joined by John Cole, COO of Ezoic to discuss the top takeaway and statistics from 3.25 billion site visits, the click-through rate findings from 5 million Google Search results, and how digital publishers are enjoying a short-term CPM spikes up to 50% in the first few days of Google’s first-price auction rollout.


Episode 99 – Google Tweaks its Algorithm, GiveMeSports’ Improved Page Speed, and Google’s No Follow Changes

Tyler and Shelby discuss how Google tweaks its algorithm to highlight “original reporting” in search results, how sports publisher GiveMeSports credits improved page speed for direct traffic jump of 63%, and how Google’s no follow, sponsored, & UGC links impact SEO. They also discuss publishing myths to be cautious of, and Allen recaps some of the highlights of Content Marketing World 2019.


Episode 98 – Emerging Trends in Buying & Selling Websites with

Tyler and Shelby are joined by special guest Gregory Elfrink, Head of Marketing at Empire Flippers, to discuss all things buying and selling websites, emerging trends, and advice for publishers on how to navigate the dynamic environment of website transactions.


Episode 97 – The NYT’s Struggles with Digital, Issues with Google’s Ad Tracking Research & Content Seasonality

Tyler and Shelby discuss how The New York Times is expecting a decline in ad revenue this quarter and why publishers are questioning Google’s ad tracking research. They also talk about how video publishers are saving their content for the lucrative holiday season and how this may apply to written content.


Episode 96 – Facebook’s ‘Off-Facebook’ Activity Tool, Google Highlighting Content, and Apple and Anti-Tracking

Tyler and Whitney discuss Facebook’s new ‘Off-Facebook’ activity tool, Google tests a new highlighting content on-site feature, and Apple and its relation to anti-tracking. They also discuss Google’s opinion that killing the cookie has consequences.


Episode 95 – Voting with Wallets, France’s GAFA Digital Tax, and California’s GDPR

Tyler and Whitney discuss how 80% of consumers said they would reduce or stop buying a product if it were advertised alongside dangerous or extreme content, France’s digital tax on GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple), CCPA aka California’s verison of GDPR, and will the IAB be able to stop GDPR.


Episode 94 – Instagram bans HYP3R, Using Polls to Increase CTR, and Search Marketing Returns to Human Interaction

Tyler and Whitney discuss how Instagram bans ad supplier HYP3R for data collection, The Financial Times increases retention by using polls at the end of newsletters, and 4 things you should know before moving behind a paywall. They also discuss how Search Marketing is moving back toward more human interaction.


Episode 93 – ‘Dark Social’ and Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019

Tyler and Whitney discuss how 77.5% of shares are on ‘dark social’ and they also cover some ways to improve your SEO in 2019 from Backlinko.


Episode 92 – Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button a GDPR risk, One-Question Surveys, and Hearst’s Ad Buying Platform

Tyler and Whitney discuss how Facebook’s ‘Like’ button is a GDPR risk to host websites, trends toward one-question surveys vs. traditional engagement metrics, and how Hearst is building a self-serve platform for ad buying.


Episode 91 – Privacy Regulations, DuckDuckGo, and Quality Content Over Quantity

Tyler and Whitney discuss privacy regulations like California’s version of GDPR going live on Jan. 1st, DuckDuckGo’s Q2 growth, and how the New York Times and UK News are choosing quality content over quantity.


Episode 90 – LinkedIn’s Future, Google’s Algorithm Updates, and Chrome Closes Incognito Loophole

Tyler and Whitney discuss LinkedIn’s evolution from just a job market to becoming a place for businesses to brand themselves, changes to Google’s algorithms in 2019, and Google Chrome closing a major Incognito Mode loophole.


Episode 89 – Twitter Poll: Browsing Data, Paid Subscriptions, Google’s Evolution & More

Tyler is joined by Allen and Sarah to discuss the results of a recent poll they held on Twitter. The poll questions asked users about their browsing data, whether they pay for news subscriptions, thoughts on the evolution of Google Search, the trustworthiness of content and more. The results might surprise you!


Episode 88 – The War for Streaming Video, Social Media Blackout & Breaking up Big Tech

Tyler is joined by Allen and Sarah this week as they discuss the war for streaming video, the future of PMPs, and how Google is no longer supporting no-index directive in robots.txt files. They also talk about Wednesday’s social media blackout, and how breaking up big tech was a hot topic during last week’s Democratic primary debate.


Episode 87 – The Danger of Commodity Content in 2019

Tyler and Shelby discuss the dangers of commodity content in an era in which Google’s no-click searchers are on the rise. Learn why the evolution of search engines is both an area of concern and opportunity for digital publishers. Additionally, see why the future of mobile and VR may not be something that is relevant only to advertisers.

Episode 86 – Push Notifications & Owned Commerce Models

Tyler and Shelby are joined by John Cole to discuss how publishers are using push notifications and desktop web notifications to engage with users. They also talk about how many media companies have started to launch, acquire, and license new brands with a recent pivot to owned commerce models as an alternative to subscription models.


Episode 85 – Google’s Domain Diversity Update & How the NYT Uses Puzzles for Engagement

Tyler and Shelby are joined by John Cole to discuss a recent report that states that Googles has made $4.7 billion dollars from news publishers and how the rise of consumers searching for news has lead Google to create products that keep users within its ecosystem. They also talk about Google’s new Domain Diversity Update and how The New York Times has created a new puzzle to keep readers engaged.


Episode 84 – Google’s June 2019 Core Update & How Targeted Ads Impact Publishers

Tyler and Shelby discuss the recent rollout of Google’s pre-announced June 2019 Core Update and Search Engine Land’s new and improved SEO periodic table. They also talk about how targeted ads impact digital publishers and the rise in digital advertising.


Episode 83 – Time Spent on Platforms & The Importance of White Hat SEO

Tyler and Shelby discuss how adults in the United States are expected to spend less time on Facebook and Google and how ESPN has launched a new weekly SnapChat show. They also talk about how saw a 49% increase in search visibility after the March 2019 core algorithm update.


Episode 82 – All Things Video w/ Silicon Valley Graphic Designer

Tyler and Shelby are joined by Ronny Cuxun to discuss how the costs of branded video production have increased for publishers. They also talk about whether brands should include captions and subtitles in Instagram video stories and some tips on how to increase Youtube views.


Episode 81 – Closing Comment Sections, SEO & Insights into Time to Interactive

Tyler and Shelby discuss how the New York Times has doubled down on reader comments and how Time to Interact (TTI) impacts website revenue and performance. They also talk about the first episode of Google’s SEO Myth Busters video series and how often Google updates its search algorithm.


Episode 80 – New Structured Data Markups & Appealing to Millennials

Tyler and Shelby talk about how Google may follow Apple’s lead in implementing anti-tracking updates and how Google has also released developer docs on how to add “How-To” and “FAQ” structured data markups. They also discuss how Parents Magazine is appealing to millenial parents and how Pinterest is the top social platform to emotionally connect with users.


Episode 79 – Buying & Selling Websites w/

Tyler and Shelby are joined by a special guest, Mike Swigunski, from Empire Flippers to discuss his top tips for buying and selling websites.


Episode 78 – How User Behavior Changes Across Platforms

Tyler and Shelby discuss how the most active 10% of Twitter users account for 80% of tweets. They also talk about a survey of 1,400 google searchers and how digital publishers are utilizing TikTok. They end the show by going over Instagram Story feature that publishers can use to engage followers.


Episode 77 – Bot Traffic, AMP Updates & Utilizing LinkedIn

Tyler and Shelby talk about how bots accounted for nearly 40% of online traffic in 2018 and how BBC News is utilizing LinkedIn for user-generated content. They also talk about some updates from Google’s AMP conference and what publishers need to know about cultural trends.


Episode 76 – How Bloggers Measure Success in 2019

Tyler and Shelby discuss an in-depth article about blog statistics in 2019 and how AccuWeather has increased video views on their digital properties.


Episode 75 – Sponsored Content & Content Strategy with

Tyler and Shelby are joined by a special guest, Tyler Benedict from, to discuss content strategy and how to provide value to advertisers and readers through sponsored content.

Episode 74 – New Government Regulations in Digital Publishing

Tyler and Shelby talk about how the majority of publishers have not started preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act and how the European Parliament just passed two new articles that tighten up copyright laws on the internet. They also talk about how Unilever is launching a “Trusted Publisher Network” and how The Telegraph just launched a new female sports vertical.

Episode 73 – Video, Mobile & The Google March Core Update

Tyler and Shelby go over some highlights from Pubtelligence New York and how the Google March core search algorithm update affected digital publishers. They also discuss how Bloomberg has been able to increase video views on Instagram and how mobile time-spent has increased.

Episode 72 – Why Publishers Should Pay Attention to ‘Story’ Formats

Tyler and Shelby talk about how digital publishers have an opportunity to take advantage of using ‘story’ formats to engage users. They also discuss how reading preferences differ among users and the parallels between direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and digital publishers.

Episode 71 – What Google’s Move to First-Price Auction Means for Publishers

Tyler and Shelby discuss Google’s announcement to shift to first-price auction and Apple’s anti-tracking update. They also talk about how European publishers are struggling with subscription and how to improve site speed by lazy-loading images and serving next-gen formats. They end the episode with a conversation about SEO and site architecture.

Episode 70 – Digital Ad Spend, Content Personalization & SEO

Tyler and Shelby talk about how digital ad spend is predicted to increase by 19% this year and how non-secure HTTP messages negatively affect user behavior and perception. They also discuss a new alliance of French publishers that are teaming together to build a unified login system and what digital publishers are doing to “personalize content.” They end the show by going over some on-site SEO factors.

Episode 69 – Common Fallacies in Digital Publishing

Tyler and Shelby discuss rankings for ‘Your Money Your Life’ pages and how publishers are expected to increase content production this year. They also talk about Apple’s new subscription media service and how AMP pages stack up against regular mobile pages.

Episode 68 – Why Publishers Can’t Rely on Social Platforms

Tyler and Shelby discuss how The Telegraph acquires and retains users and how Business Insider is integrating Taboola Feed to give readers a social-style content experience. They also talk about how publishers cannot depend on Facebook for distribution and how The New York Times has stopped posting content on Snapchat.

Episode 67 – Domain Authority & Google’s Search Domination

Tyler and Shelby talk about domain authority and how Google’s domination in the search landscape has led to a shrinkage of click-through opportunities in both the United States and Europe. They also discuss how has thrived for the past 20 years by focusing on its website, search, and email.

Episode 66 – Invest in Engagement, But Measure It Too

Tyler and Shelby discuss how leading publishers invest more in engagement than acquisition and how Glamour is planning a new site redesign to help build user habit. They also talk about how Buzzfeed, Vice, and Group Nine media are teaming together to measure video and how Google plans to retire its old Search Console.

Episode 65 – Artificial Intelligence, AMP, & Ad Blockers

Tyler and Whitney sit down to discuss findings regarding revenue, traffic, and EPMV from Ezoic’s 2019 Publisher Performance Report. They also talk about Google’s proposal to ban third-party ad-blockers and their recent $57M GDPR fine. They close the show with some discussion about artificial intelligence in publishing and AMP pages

Episode 64 – Building Brand Loyalty & The Rise of PWA

Tyler and Shelby discuss a new WordPress platform for local news organizations and how the Coalition for Better Ads has announced their plans to roll out their standards internationally. They also talk about how Magento’s move to PWA and how The Financial Times is building brand loyalty among young readers.

Episode 63 – Traditional, Digital, & Social Media

Shelby is joined by a special guest, Whitney Wright, to discuss six trends that are predicted to define media in 2019. They also talk about Twitter’s plans to change the platform for users and publishers along with Instagram’s new iOS feature.

Episode 62 – Popular Trends from 2018 & Upcoming Trends for 2019

Tyler breaks down the upcoming digital publishing trends for 2019, while Shelby shares popular Youtube trends from 2018. They also discuss search ads and Instagram’s redesign misstep.

Episode 61 – How to Speed Up WordPress Websites & Optimize for Google Discover

Tyler and Shelby discuss the different social media trends from Facebook’s Rising Trends for 2019 Report and how social media has outpaced print in news consumption. Tyler shares some ways to speed up WordPress websites, while Shelby shares some tips on how to optimize for Google Discover.

Episode 60 –SEO Efficiency & Programmatic Ads

Tyler and Shelby talk about the WordPress 5 release and how digital ad fraud increases as the holidays approach. They also discuss reoccurring SEO tasks that digital publishers should stay on top of. Shelby shares some stats about the state of programmatic for publishers, while Tyler breaks down different platforms to share content and gain traffic.

Episode 59 – How Data Science Relates to Digital Publishing w/ Dr. Greg Starek

Tyler and Shelby are joined by Dr. Greg Starek to talk about his time as a data scientist in the digital publishing industry.

Episode 58 – Strategize for 2019 & Beyond

Tyler and Shelby talk about two different ways readers like to consume the news and how both Brit+Co and The Washington Post have each announced a new podcast series. Shelby shares what UK digital publishers are planning to do in 2019, while Tyler gives his own take on content strategies that will come out on top next year. They end the show by going over some important media stats from 2018.

Episode 57 – Digital Media News & Updates

Tyler and Shelby talk about Glamour Magazine’s pivot from print to full digital and Google’s new feature that allows users to comment on search results. They also discuss the use of data to boost retention and how Buzzfeed’s CEO is calling for a media merger to dual the duopoly.

Episode 56 – Platforms, Publishing, & SEO

Tyler and Shelby discuss how digital publishers are turning to Reddit to engage with their audience and how Facebook has scraped connected TV ads. They also talk about which platforms publishers say monetize best, while Tyler shares his thoughts on which SEO trends will be most popular in 2019.

Episode 55 – Staying on Top of Industry Trends

Tyler and Shelby talk about Google’s announcement to eliminate ads on websites with “abusive experiences”. They also discuss Google’s new release of documents to help Lazy Loading and a study that claims that younger Americans are more willing to pay for content.

Episode 54 – Lessons Learned from 10+ Years of Blogging w/ Kristen Howerton

Kristen Howerton from joins Tyler and Shelby to discuss the lessons she’s learned throughout a decade of blogging. From the evolution of blogs to how to monetize podcasts, Kristen shares insightful tips for digital publishers.

Episode 53 – Digital Publishers Must Add Value

Tyler and Shelby join John Cole in London to discuss why it is important for digital publishers to add value to their audience. They also talk about the benefits of partnerships with other publishers, advertisers, and brands in general. They close the show by talking about how Apple’s Tim Cook recently called for GDPR inspired regulations in the United States.

Episode 52 – It Pays Off to Know Your Audience

Tyler and Shelby discuss how The Washington Post is testing user experience and how digital publishers can use memes to promote engagement among their audience. Tyler breaks down the difference between programmatic ads and affiliate advertising and Shelby shares a new study about the future of mobile.

Episode 51 – Know Your Audience to Grow Your Audience

Tyler and Shelby talk about Snapchat’s new episodic shows and how to use polls and surveys to engage users. They also discuss how New York Magazine is combining sections to launch a new website and how a sports platform is using data to gain and retain users. They end the show by announcing a new video series, Inside the Publisher Lab, which takes a deep dive into topics discussed on the podcast.

Episode 50 – Personalizing Content for Users

Tyler and Shelby discuss Netflix’s plans to let viewers choose storylines for shows and movies. They also talk about a new, limited edition newsletter from The New York Times and how a Danish publisher increased engagement by quitting Facebook. They wrap up the episode by discussing how Bloomberg Media increased content consumption through text-to-audio features.


Episode 49 – Interacting w/ Users & Google’s New Search Strategy

Tyler and Shelby talk about Bloomberg’s move to launch a media organization off of Twitter and how ABC’s News plans to increase their live-stream video audience. Shelby breaks down Google’s new search strategy while Tyler elaborates on how these changes may affect digital publishers. They also discuss how USA Today is using AR to engage users.

Episode 48 – What Digital Publishers Should Know For Q4

Tyler and Shelby talk about Bing’s new release of AMP pages for news websites. They also discuss the new trend of episodic videos on IGTV and Snapchat’s new feature that allows publishers access to user-generated content.

Episode 47 – All Things Digital w/ Former Hearst Executive

Former Hearst UK Chief Digital Officer, Paul Cassar, joins Tyler and Shelby to discuss the difference in engagement for above and below the fold ads. They also talk about launching brands on Instagram, while Paul gives his take on Snapchat as a platform for digital publishers. The trio also talks about Verizon’s ad tech stack, Oath Advertising Platform and the addition of Reach to The Ozone Project.

Episode 46 – Amazon, Facebook, & Google Updates

Tyler and Shelby dive into Amazon’s rebranding move toward Amazon Advertising. They also talk about the Facebook Watch’s international debut and other big players in the video industry. They discuss Google’s new search platform, while Tyler breaks down bid caching.

Episode 45 – How Facebook is Testing Organic Content

Tyler and Shelby discuss Facebook’s tool which conducts multivariant tests on organic content. They also talk about recent findings which report that only one-third of publishers see a boost in traffic from using AMP, along with a couple Google updates. They close the show by discussing how BuzzFeed News is now soliciting donations from their readers.


Episode 44 – Google Search Console & The Power of Social Media

Tyler and Shelby go over new features that have been added to Google Search Console. They talk about Twitch’s plan to ditch ad-free streaming and the power of video and social media.

Episode 43 – Google Search News & User Engagement

Tyler and Shelby discuss news about Google Search results. They cover changes to snippet formats and ‘Cameos on Google’ and Tyler shares how this may affect publishers in the future. They also talk about gaining user consent for ad tracking and Spotify’s test, which grants unlimited ad skips to listeners. They end the show by sharing their opinion on chatbots and their decline of use in digital publishing.

Episode 42 – Core Algorithm Update Breakdown & Latest News

Tyler breaks down the recent Google Core Algorithm Update. He looks into what sites were affected and offers advice to those that may have experienced decreases in their rankings. He also dives in to the big InfoWars ban and the slowed growth of social platforms.

Episode 41 – What to Do After The Google Core Algorithm Update

Tyler shares what you can (and can’t) do after Google’s new core algorithm update, while Shelby shares some recommendations from Google on non-AMP articles. They talk about the importance of SEO and contextual ads and have a candid discussion about the duopoly listening in on your microphones and the use of social media.

Episode 40 – How to Please Users, Advertisers & Google

Tyler and Shelby discuss Google’s updated quality rating guidelines (or lack thereof) and the enforcement of ads.txt by advertisers. Tyler also dives into how to buy website traffic and whether you should do it.

Episode 39 – Amazon Twitch and an EU Power Trip

Shelby shares a couple of Google updates, while Tyler talks about the reality of copyright policies. They also discuss the Washington Post’s move onto Twitch, a platform for live-stream gaming.

Episode 38 – Reputation Matters (For Digital Publishers Too)

Tyler and Shelby talk about Google’s new speed update and the increase of mobile web consumption. They also discuss the importance of brand safety, the responsibility of producing legitimate content as publishers, and California’s new privacy law.

Episode 37 – Loyalty Goes A Long Way 

Tyler, John, and Shelby sit down to discuss Facebook’s subscription services, and what it really takes to switch to a subscription-based business model. They also talk about The New York Time’s venture into lifestyle content and Google’s rebranding of Adwords.

Episode 36 – Acquisitions, Ad Blockers & Ad Spend

John Cole returns to The Publisher Lab and joins Tyler and Shelby to discuss AT&T’s acquisition of AppNexus and life after GDPR. They talk about mobile ad blockers and Google’s new URL tool, while John and Tyler forecast ad spends for the end of Q2.

Episode 35 – Lights, Camera, Content!

Tyler and Shelby discuss the launch of IGTV and Bing’s Visual Search. They also talk about how publishers are banding together to help advertisers and how emotional loyalty increases ad engagement.

Episode 34 – Compliance & Defiance In The Publishing World

Tyler & Shelby talk about GDPR compliance, and defiance on both the publisher and advertiser level. They also discuss the importance of creating a satisfying user experience.

Episode 33 – The Data That Will Drive 2018

John Cole does a live broadcast of The Publisher Lab in London. Jennifer Cannon joins him as a guest while John shares insights into some of the most important math in digital publishing and discussing what data will likely drive the industry forward in 2018.

Episode 32 – Here Comes Q4!

Tyler talks about the dynamic of Q4 in the online advertising industry and discusses why this is critical for publishers. He dives deep into seasonality and how publishers can iron out the differences between higher earnings and higher earnings per visitor. Tyler also shares slick new tips for attracting Facebook traffic using a brand feature available on the social media platform.

Episode 31 – The Mobile Web Episode

Tyler talks about modern hacks for building a mobile website that generates more traffic than competitors. He discusses how to actually address pagespeed concerns and emphasizes the value of structured data markup. Bring your notepads for this one!

Episode 30 -How to Spot Stupid SEO Advice & More

Tyler discusses the prevalence of bad/outdated SEO advice in the marketplace and offers insights on what matters the most right now. He also delves into ADs.txt, avoiding fraud, and how to maximize the value of your inventory (ad space) on your digital property; based on recent research.

Episode 29 – The Future Freaks Me Out

John and Tyler discuss the latest duopoly trends from new industry research. What does Amazons growth in the space mean for publishers? Tyler and John talk about where digital publishers can thrive in this uncertain environment moving forward.

Episode 28 – MeowPost Publisher Shares Facebook Horror Story

Tyler sits down with Josh Boram, founder of MeowPost, to discuss the recent deletion of their Facebook page. Josh discusses the series of events that led to the deletion of his account, what he had done to become to become a successful Facebook publishers, and what he plans to do next.

Episode 27 – Google AMP & How Websites Should Evolve

John & Tyler discuss the benefits and drawbacks of AMP (John recently spoke about this at SMX). They also dig into some recent Mark Zuckerberg quotes about platform evolution and what it means for digital publishers.

Episode 26 – Do This, Not That!

John & Tyler discuss outdated, ineffective, and harmful digital publishing practices, and what digital publishers should be doing instead. They dig deep into SEO, technical site issues, and marketing to your audience in 2017.

Episode 25 – Bright Futures For Digital Publishers That Take Care of Their Users

John & Tyler talk about all the different reasons why the publishing industry is set to reward digital publishers that are going the extra mile to take care of users. They discuss some of the industries newest figures and dive deep in what it will mean to be a quality publisher in the next 5 years.

Episode 24 – Content Strategy With

Tyler is joined by Stephen Regenold from  Stephen talks about his journalistic background, how he got started with GearJunkie over a decade ago, and the approach he has taken with content over the years that has led to his success.

Episode 23 -Ad Blocking & Data-Driven Decisions

Tyler & John talk about Google’s recent news of the potential addition of ad blockers in the next edition of Chrome. They dive deep into how modern publishers should be thinking about data and discuss how to read the tea leaves of the major players in this industry.

Episode 22 – Google, Facebook, & Digital Publishing in 2017 

Tyler and John are joined by Data Scientist, Dr. Greg Starek, as they discuss the latest news related to facebook, Google, and the world of online publishing. The team looks closely at the duopoly and how digital publishers are responding in 2017.


Episode 21 – The Google AMP Conference

Ohad Tzur joins Tyler & John once again to talk about the Google AMP Conference that was recently held in New York. Ohad breaks down the AMP roadmap and highlights some mobile trends that were made clear at the conference.


Episode 20 – Digital Publishers Deal With The Duopoly

John & Tyler discuss the challenges that digital publishers face from the Duopoly (Facebook and Google). They dive deep into the unique differences that local and global publishers are facing now and discuss some of the strategies for growth moving forward.

Episode 19 – Trends In SEO, Ad Rates, & More

John & Tyler discuss trends in SEO, ad rates, and more as they dive deeper into the “duopoloy” this week. The duo talks about how to work alongside platforms like Facebook and Google to grow your digital publishing practice.


Episode 18 – Testing Your Way To The Top

John and Tyler discuss all the fascinating lessons they’ve learned about testing things on the web over the past decade. The crew dives deep into how to do proper testing; while ignoring common cognitive bias that we all have. They wrap up the show discussing all the elements of a website that are most valuable for testing.


Episode 17 – Publishing Tips With Jon Dykstra

Tyler and John sit down with professional publisher Jon Dykstra. Jon shares his unique insights into how he has successfully built, managed, and grown niche websites over the past decade. Jon discusses how he has grown sites from scratch and how he sees the future of digital publishing for small to medium-sized publishers.


Episode 16 –  Monetization and The Future of AMP

John and Tyler sit down to discuss the growing complexity inside the digital publishing space, then dig in deep talking about the future of Google AMP. Tyler explains what publishers need to be watching closely with AMP while John shares his thoughts on the technologies future.

Episode 15 – Marketing with the Financial Times

Joanna Edwards, Head of Marketing at the Financial Times, sits down with Tyler to discuss what it’s like to market a subscription-based model in 2017. Tyler and Joanna dig deep into the marketing challenges and opportunities for online publishers in the modern era and discuss what the future might hold for savvy site marketers.

Episode 14 – Suranga (VC) from Balderton Capital Shares Growth Secrets

Suranga Chandratillake, General Partner, at Balderton Capital joins John and Tyler to talk about his experiences in advertising technology, the state of digital media, and his methodology for evaluating ideas and strategies for growth. A fascinating listen for those interested in hearing from someone who has sold businesses valued at over a billion dollars.

Episode 13: Successful (& Unsuccessful) Website Growth Strategies

John & Tyler discuss some of the most successful and unsuccessful strategies they’ve seen publishers and website owners use to grow their site. They dive deep into SEO, content creation, website infrastructure, and Google penalties.

Episode 12: How Site Owners Should Spend Their Time

John and Tyler discuss how publishers and site owners should be spending their time. They talk about everything from website infrastructure to content creation and monetization strategies. Tyler and John both bring their unique perspectives on how to maximize the value of time invested into the growth and improvement of a website. They share modern strategies and discuss common errors.

Episode 11 – Site Marketing & Social Success

John & Tyler dig deep into successful website marketing tactics. They discuss how to share content ethically, how to add thousands of visitors through social media, and breakdown the successful efforts that top sites use every day.

Episode 10: 12 Hot Trends For 2017

John and Tyler highlight what they expect to be the 12 hottest publishing and website trends in 2017. They discuss how to get ahead of these things and prosper in the new year. The most organized podcast to date!


Episode 9: Seasonality & Digital Ad Trends

John & Tyler talk about the effect that seasonality has on ad revenue for website owners. During the holidays there’s always a big boom, but is that boom getting bigger? The guys also breakdown other marketplace trends that they see affecting ad earnings and provide their thoughts on where things are headed long term.

Episode 8: Talking Google W/ Former Googler

John and Tyler sit down with Ohad Tzur — former Googler who worked on organizational partnerships; including many for publishers. Ohad shares insights on how things work at Google and provides some perspective on programmatic trends heading into the future.

Episode 7 – UX & Landing Pages For Better Website Revenue

Tyler & John dig deep into how UX affects monetization and how to best measure it objectively. They also discuss a little-known secret for discovering who your most valuable website viewers are and share how to get more of them

Episode 6: EPMV & The ComplexWorld of Adtech

Tyler and John talk about how to really know if you’re making more money on your website online. They highlight the power of EPMV as a metric and discuss the complex world of AdTech and what The Guardian recently did to clean it up.

Episode 5: In The News — Google AMP, The Guardian’s Experiment, & More

John and Tyler look back at the Publisher Forum and talk about the latest news and controversies in the world of online publishing including; Google AMP, The Guardian buying their own ad inventory, and the metrics that keep ad networks running.

Episode 4: The Scary Podcast — Nameservers, DNS, Hosting, & More

In this episode, John & Tyler have an actual rocket scientist join them. DNS, nameservers and the alike probably don’t need that level of a resource but we figured it was best to overboard with a subject that is scary to a lot of publishers. We do our best to break down the technical elements of a website so that publisher could use the information to improve their sites performance.

Episode 3: Everything You Ever Need To Know About Content

In this episode, John & Tyler have a guest join them to talk about web content. They give the final word on what quality content is and share a few tips for creating content that ranks well organically; as well as some trade secrets for evaluating your current content and improving it. Catch the cast on iTunes or Stitcher by clicking the icons at the top of the page.

Episode 2: The SEO Show + Our Favorite Web Tools

This week features a deep dive into the world of SEO. Tyler & John discuss the low hanging fruit that most sites have available to them, the secrets to site speed, and look at the best tools to use when improving SEO and how to make them work on your site. Read the complimentary blog post (us sharing links to tools and info) here. LINK TO TOOLS

Episode 1: Flipping Sites, Testing Ads, & Building Businesses

This week features a deep dive with Ezoic co-founder, John Cole. He tells the story of how Ezoic got started, how they raised funds by growing website ad revenue, and reveals the secrets of ad testing. Listen on Stitcher.