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A publishing and advertising podcast dedicated to helping online content creators and distributors increase ad earnings while improving user experience. A regular show featuring experts in the world of advertising and online traffic growth.

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Episode 1: Flipping Sites, Testing Ads, & Building Businesses

This week features a deep dive with Ezoic co-founder, John Cole. He tells the story of how Ezoic got started, how they raised funds by growing website ad revenue, and reveals the secrets of ad testing. Listen on Stitcher.

The Publisher Lab - Episode 1: Flipping Sites, Testing Ads, & Building Businesses

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 2: The SEO Show + Our Favorite Web Tools

This week features a deep dive into the world of SEO. Tyler & John discuss the low hanging fruit that most sites have available to them, the secrets to site speed, and look at the best tools to use when improving SEO and how to make them work on your site. Read the complimentary blog post (us sharing links to tools and info) here. LINK TO TOOLS

The Publisher Lab - Episode 2 - The SEO Show + Our Favorite Tools

Episode 3: Everything You Ever Need To Know About Content

In this episode, John & Tyler have a guest join them to talk about web content. They give the final word on what quality content is and share a few tips for creating content that ranks well organically; as well as some trade secrets for evaluating your current content and improving it. Catch the cast on iTunes or Stitcher by clicking the icons at the top of the page.

Episode 3 - Everything you need to know about content

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 4: The Scary Podcast — Nameservers, DNS, Hosting, & More

In this episode, John & Tyler have an actual rocket scientist join them. DNS, nameservers and the alike probably don’t need that level of a resource but we figured it was best to overboard with a subject that is scary to a lot of publishers. We do our best to break down the technical elements of a website so that publisher could use the information to improve their sites performance.

Episode #4 — The Scary Podcast W/ A Rocket Scientist

Episode 5: In The News — Google AMP, The Guardian’s Experiment, & More

John and Tyler look back at the Publisher Forum and talk about the latest news and controversies in the world of online publishing including; Google AMP, The Guardian buying their own ad inventory, and the metrics that keep ad networks running.

Episode 6: EPMV & The ComplexWorld of Adtech

Tyler and John talk about how to really know if you’re making more money on your website online. They highlight the power of EPMV as a metric and discuss the complex world of AdTech and what The Guardian recently did to clean it up.

Episode 6: EPMV & The ComplexWorld of Adtech

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 7 – UX & Landing Pages For Better Website Revenue

Tyler & John dig deep into how UX affects monetization and how to best measure it objectively. They also discuss a little-known secret for discovering who your most valuable website viewers are and share how to get more of them

Episode 7 – UX & Landing Pages For Better Website Revenue

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 8: Talking Google W/ Former Googler

John and Tyler sit down with Ohad Tzur — former Googler who worked on organizational partnerships; including many for publishers. Ohad shares insights on how things work at Google and provides some perspective on programmatic trends heading into the future.

#8 The Publisher Lab — Talking Google W/ Former Googler

Episode 9: Seasonality & Digital Ad Trends

John & Tyler talk about the effect that seasonality has on ad revenue for website owners. During the holidays there’s always a big boom, but is that boom getting bigger? The guys also breakdown other marketplace trends that they see affecting ad earnings and provide their thoughts on where things are headed long term.

Episode #9 - Seasonality & Digital Ad Trends

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 10: 12 Hot Trends For 2017

John and Tyler highlight what they expect to be the 12 hottest publishing and website trends in 2017. They discuss how to get ahead of these things and prosper in the new year. The most organized podcast to date!

Episode 10 - 12 Hot Trends for 2017

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 11 – Site Marketing & Social Success

John & Tyler dig deep into successful website marketing tactics. They discuss how to share content ethically, how to add thousands of visitors through social media, and breakdown the successful efforts that top sites use every day.

Episode 11 - Site Marketing & Social Success

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 12: How Site Owners Should Spend Their Time

John and Tyler discuss how publishers and site owners should be spending their time. They talk about everything from website infrastructure to content creation and monetization strategies. Tyler and John both bring their unique perspectives on how to maximize the value of time invested into the growth and improvement of a website. They share modern strategies and discuss common errors.

Episode 12 - How Site Owners Should Spend Their Time

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 13: Successful (& Unsuccessful) Website Growth Strategies

John & Tyler discuss some of the most successful and unsuccessful strategies they’ve seen publishers and website owners use to grow their site. They dive deep into SEO, content creation, website infrastructure, and Google penalties.

Episode 13: Successful (& Unsuccessful) Website Growth Strategies

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 14 – Suranga (VC) from Balderton Capital Shares Growth Secrets

Suranga Chandratillake, General Partner, at Balderton Capital joins John and Tyler to talk about his experiences in advertising technology, the state of digital media, and his methodology for evaluating ideas and strategies for growth. A fascinating listen for those interested in hearing from someone who has sold businesses valued at over a billion dollars.

Episode 14: Growth Secrets From Suranga

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 15 – Marketing with the Financial Times

Joanna Edwards, Head of Marketing at the Financial Times, sits down with Tyler to discuss what it’s like to market a subscription-based model in 2017. Tyler and Joanna dig deep into the marketing challenges and opportunities for online publishers in the modern era and discuss what the future might hold for savvy site marketers.

Episode 16 –  Monetization and The Future of AMP

John and Tyler sit down to discuss the growing complexity inside the digital publishing space, then dig in deep talking about the future of Google AMP. Tyler explains what publishers need to be watching closely with AMP while John shares his thoughts on the technologies future.

Episode 17 – Publishing Tips With Jon Dykstra

Tyler and John sit down with professional publisher Jon Dykstra. Jon shares his unique insights into how he has successfully built, managed, and grown niche websites over the past decade. Jon discusses how he has grown sites from scratch and how he sees the future of digital publishing for small to medium-sized publishers.

Episode 18 – Testing Your Way To The Top

John and Tyler discuss all the fascinating lessons they’ve learned about testing things on the web over the past decade. The crew dives deep into how to do proper testing; while ignoring common cognitive bias that we all have. They wrap up the show discussing all the elements of a website that are most valuable for testing.

Episode 19 – Trends In SEO, Ad Rates, & More

John & Tyler discuss trends in SEO, ad rates, and more as they dive deeper into the “duopoloy” this week. The duo talks about how to work alongside platforms like Facebook and Google to grow your digital publishing practice.

Episode 20 – Digital Publishers Deal With The Duopoly

John & Tyler discuss the challenges that digital publishers face from the Duopoly (Facebook and Google). They dive deep into the unique differences that local and global publishers are facing now and discuss some of the strategies for growth moving forward.

Episode 21 – The Google AMP Conference

Ohad Tzur joins Tyler & John once again to talk about the Google AMP Conference that was recently held in New York. Ohad breaks down the AMP roadmap and highlights some mobile trends that were made clear at the conference.

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