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A publishing and advertising podcast dedicated to helping online content creators and distributors increase ad earnings while improving user experience. A regular show featuring experts in the world of advertising and online traffic growth.

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Episode 1: Flipping Sites, Testing Ads, & Building Businesses

This week features a deep dive with Ezoic co-founder, John Cole. He tells the story of how Ezoic got started, how they raised funds by growing website ad revenue, and reveals the secrets of ad testing. Listen on Stitcher.

The Publisher Lab - Episode 1: Flipping Sites, Testing Ads, & Building Businesses

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 2: The SEO Show + Our Favorite Web Tools

This week features a deep dive into the world of SEO. Tyler & John discuss the low hanging fruit that most sites have available to them, the secrets to site speed, and look at the best tools to use when improving SEO and how to make them work on your site. Read the complimentary blog post (us sharing links to tools and info) here. LINK TO TOOLS

The Publisher Lab - Episode 2 - The SEO Show + Our Favorite Tools

Episode 3: Everything You Ever Need To Know About Content

In this episode, John & Tyler have a guest join them to talk about web content. They give the final word on what quality content is and share a few tips for creating content that ranks well organically; as well as some trade secrets for evaluating your current content and improving it. Catch the cast on iTunes or Stitcher by clicking the icons at the top of the page.

Episode 3 - Everything you need to know about content

by The Publisher Lab

Episode 4: The Scary Podcast — Nameservers, DNS, Hosting, & More

In this episode, John & Tyler have an actual rocket scientist join them. DNS, nameservers and the alike probably don’t need that level of a resource but we figured it was best to overboard with a subject that is scary to a lot of publishers. We do our best to break down the technical elements of a website so that publisher could use the information to improve their sites performance.

Episode #4 — The Scary Podcast W/ A Rocket Scientist