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Intelligent Advertising for Growth-Obsessed Online Publishers

Increase pageviews and time on site

Lower bounce rates

Higher revenue

Improve user experience

AI technology to optimize your ads

10,000+ online publishers

use Ezoic to drive their website revenue

Easily set your rules and compare results

The best way to maximize revenue and improve UX is different for each visitor. Ad Tester keeps publishers in control of how they manage and optimize their ad inventory while providing easy tools for testing and automating the improvement of ad revenue at scale.

What is Ad Tester and how do I benefit from the technology?

Let machines test and change ad placements, networks, types, and sizes.

Ad Tester leads straight to more revenue and a better experience.

Test thousands of ad combinations automatically

Access Google’s premium ad exchange with thousands of networks and partners competing to ensure higher ad rates

Implement sophisticated header bidding and yield optimization to increase the value of website and space

Ezoic learns how ad sizes, locations, and ad partners perform and automatically optimizes combinations

Set goals for optimization, choose where ads show, and evaluate the data to determine the best balance between improved UX and revenue

dave taylor - ezoic review

I’ve been using Ezoic for years. When I first started, my revenue went up noticeably… years later, my traffic and revenue continue to grow. A true partner all the way. “

– Dave Taylor, askdavetaylor.com

Use artificial intelligence to implement optimizations on each page faster than humans could do working 24 hours a day

Control Ad Density

Ads dilute the value of other ads. Ezoic automatically alters ad density to avoid this.

Display Highest Paying Ad Types

Ezoic tests and inserts the highest paying partners and ad types on each page based on how they perform for different visitors.

Optimize Ad Sizes

Ezoic adapts ad sizes based on how advertisers compete for visitors from different locations, on different devices, and much more…

Find The Best Ad Locations

Control potential ad locations and let Ezoic determine which ones deliver the most revenue on each page and for different types of visitors.

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