If sites didn’t sign-up through the Ezoic Income School Portal (Only Existed — as of 3/27/20) please use this form to ensure your site is known to our expert team as an Income School Site.

Ezoic has been working with Project 24 and Income School to ensure all members can access Ezoic features and services. If you signed up for Ezoic before (not through our Income School portal here), there’s a chance our expert team is unaware of your status as an Income School site.

Our expert team is trained to ensure your site is set up for long-term success and will give you the best experience along the way. It will also help you access Project 24 perks, like free access to our Site Speed Accelerator tool (beta).

After completing the form, we’ll mark your site as an Income School suite in our database if it hasn’t been already. This will ensure that the team members currently managing your account will get help from our dedicated Income School team. For more information on our Income School partnership, policy requirements, and the removal of or pageview limits for Income School sites click here.



Ensure you use your existing Ezoic account email