Ezoic has partnered with Project 24 and Income School to ensure all members can access Ezoic features and services.

Once your site is ready for monetization with Ezoic, our dedicated Income School team can provide you with customized, managed assistance on-boarding your site to the Ezoic platform. These team members are trained to ensure your site is set up for long-term success, and give you the best experience along the way.

We recommend using this form to sign-up for Ezoic and not the regular sign-up form on our website. This way, you’ll receive access to our Income School trained team and ensure yourself access to the platform through Income School. To get started using Ezoic, fill out the form on this page.

Even if your site is returning to use Ezoic, and have an Ezoic account already, we encourage you to use this form to access our Income School team for assistance and support to ensure the best results.

After completing the form, the next steps will be communicated to you directly through email. For more information on our Income School partnership, policy requirements, and the removal of or pageview limits for Income School sites click here.