be a part of the Ezoic case study

We’re excited to announce the Income School Case Study in collaboration with Ezoic. We are looking for Income School members who are interested in leveraging Ezoic technology on their website that are currently using other monetization partners recommended by the or Project 24 course!

The Details:

Ezoic provides a written revenue guarantee for all case study participants. This means that in the worst-case scenario you’ll make as much as you do prior to leaving any existing partners, with the full, uncapped potential to earn more.

Ezoic will provide a customized managed transfer and setup for your site with our newly built Income School Team which will include multiple team members at your service.

All applicants who meet the simple criteria of moving from any other Income School recommended partners will be approved for this study.

Any participant may exit the study at any time with no consequences…

No contracts, no commitments, no penalties… we’re dead serious

If for any reason you are unsatisfied throughout the duration of this process, you are free to exit the study.

There are no charges, fine prints, or consequences associated.

However, we will only be collecting applications for this study for one week in order to dedicate the right resources to aiding and executing this study properly.

Summary requirements:

  • Must be a member of the Income School/Project 24 community
  • Cannot be currently leveraging Ezoic technology
  • Must be currently using a monetization solution recommended by Income School
  • Must make yourself available to share data and information before, during, and after the study to provide insight on your experience for Income School to share

Note: The next steps will be communicated directly through email and Ezoic team members will reach out. Please do not begin signing up or setting up Ezoic prior to that communication. This way, we can coordinate the effort properly and ensure the best experience possible.