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Every Website Visitor Is Different

Website visitors all behave differently when browsing the web. Different ad placements, layouts, and content can have major impacts on visitor experiences and website revenue. 

Publishers and website owners typically deliver every visitor the same experience. This means that visitors don’t receive the optimal experience and that most publishers are leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Ezoic gives publishers the ability to test and learn from every website visit. Ezoic will then automatically improve each visitors experience to help maximize website earnings.

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Ezoic is used by everyone from major media brands to independent bloggers to test different ad placements, layouts, and content to improve website revenue and key visitor experience metrics (like bounce rate, session duration, and pageviews per visit).

Ezoic uses real machine learning to automate the hardest parts of testing and decision-making while still putting publishers in full control of their website.

Ezoic is easy to use, yet powerful enough for some of the largest websites on the internet.

The Ezoic platform allows all publishers the ability to conduct advanced experiments that result in major website growth.


Most Ezoic users start out using Ezoic’s Ad Tester. Ad Tester is an application available on the Ezoic platform that lets publishers test thousands of potential ad locations at once.

Ezoic learns which ad combinations help extend visits and lower bounces while also helping to maximize ad earnings for each individual visitor. 

Publishers can use all of their existing ad partners (including AdSense) and DFP/Ad Manager accounts. Publishers can also leverage the thousands of partners already inside Ezoic (including Google Ad Exchange), or a combination of both.

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Deep Content Engagement Insights

Learn how visitor engagement is impacting revenue. Dig deep into what is influencing website engagement. Find out how word count, article length, scroll percentage, traffic sources, and other factors are actually influencing ad revenue and SEO.

Gain deep insights into things like page speed. Find your slowest pages and see if they are actually causing a negative impact on traffic, SEO, or revenue. Define the ROI of making the improvements.

See how your visitors behave. Get granular details on visitor behavior by page, landing page, traffic source, and more. Find the best combinations of recommended pages, social shares, page links, and much more.

Understand which types of visitors and forms of engagement are contributing most to the bottom line. Dive deep into their impact on total website revenue, organic search traffic, and visitor behavior.

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Ad Tester® and Layout Tester®  are proven to increase pageviews per visit, session duration, and reduce bounce rate. Ezoic learns how ads and layouts affect these metrics and automatically adjusts every visitor’s experience according to your settings.

This often leads to improvements well above 50%.

Ezoic allows publishers to compare apples-to-apples by splitting traffic between Ezoic and the original website configuration.

Ezoic works with all CMS, hosts, CDNs, etc.

Supported By Science

Authentically extending visits has a direct correlation with higher total per visitor earnings. Ezoic uses real data to make thousands of individual decisions to do this.

Impacting user experience is one of the most significant factors in a publisher’s ability to generate website revenue, organic traffic, and more…

Ezoic publishers typically see linear improvements across all core user experience metrics after joining the platform. What’s more, website owners also will typically see SEO improvements due to these changes as well.

You can view one of our most recent case studies further highlighting this well-known information below.

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Ezoic includes dozens of helpful applications for publishers. This includes features like Ad Mediation.

Mediation allows website owners to connect all existing ad partners and have them compete on an even playing field inside of Ezoic. When they compete, publishers win.

See how mediation is performing in the context of overall website revenue and more.


Layout Tester works like Ad Tester except it tests dozens of potential layouts. Ezoic learns which layouts and ad positions have the strongest effect on ad revenue and reader experiences.

Ezoic will help publishers automatically customize every session to match visitor preferences. This improves experiences and website revenue at the exact same time.



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Easily make pages mobile-friendly, convert them to PWA,s or even make them AMP automaticallyBring the power of Ezoic testing into AMP pages and deliver your visitors an exceptional mobile experience.

Don’t let your PWA or AMP project be a waste of time and efforts. Ezoic allows publishers to bring over their existing mobile experience to a PWA or AMP; while also introducing Ezoic testing into the environment.

It’s like having your own developer building you a PWA or AMP version of your website!


Tens of thousands of publishers have leveraged Ezoic to help them manage and improve the way they monetize their websites.

Ezoic is an easy-to-use, interactive platform that gives everyone the ability to make sophisticated adjustments to their websites automatically. Ezoic puts the power of better data and app-based site optimization in the hands of everyone.

It is free to start using and doesn’t ever require a credit card on file.

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Once integrated, publishers have complete control over testing and experiments. Users can split test by device and control the percentage of traffic they deliver to Ezoic.

Website owners can monitor improvements over time in the dashboard and access advanced reporting to review unprecedented data about their websites.

Ezoic is built to help all digital property owners, managers, and stakeholders scale smarter decision-making.


Signing up for the Ezoic platform is simple. Ezoic’s accelerated integration ensures all websites can leverage Ezoic to its fullest abilities. Setting up Ezoic takes very little time and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.

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