Improve UX. Increase revenue.  

Every visitor is different so their experience should be too.

Different ad placements, layouts, and content can have major impacts on visitor experiences and website revenue. Ezoic helps publishers deliver unique experiences to each visitor while automatically improving their experience and increasing website earnings. 

Made for ALL publishers.

Ezoic is used by everyone from major media brands to independent bloggers and everyone in between. Real machine learning automates the hardest parts of testing and decision-making while giving publishers complete control, improving website revenue, and key visitor experience metrics. 

Powerful, but easy to use.

Ezoic is easy to use but powerful enough to impact some of the largest websites on the internet. The platform allows all publishers to conduct advanced experiments that result in major growth. Let data decide, compare apples-to-apples with Ezoic’s server-side split testing . 

Intelligently increase ad revenue 

Most Ezoic users start out with using Ad Tester—and application available on the Ezoic Platform that allows publishers to test thousands of potential ad locations at once. Ezoic learns which ad combinations help extend visits and lower bounces while maximizing ad earnings for each individual visitor. Learn more.

SEE where growth is coming from

Ezoic Big Data Analytics lets publishers dive deep into what is influencing website engagement and revenue . Understand the impact of everything from word count, article length, authors, scroll percentage, traffic sources and more. Learn more

increase page speed for visitors

Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator instantly increases website speed, page load times, and pagespeed scores—guaranteeing a Google PageSpeed score of 80+ on mobile. It’s as easy as one click. No broken pages, no coding, and no troubleshooting. Learn more.

optimize Design with Layout Tester.

Layout Tester offers dozens of potential layouts and Ezoic learns which layouts and as positions have the strongest effect on ad revenue and reader experiences. Automatically customize every session to match visitor preferences. Learn more.

Supported By Science.

Authentically extending visits has a direct correlation with higher total earnings per visitor. Ezoic’s decisions are backed by real data that shows user experience is one of the most significant factors in a publisher’s ability to generate website revenue, organic traffic and more. Publishers typically see linear improvements across all metrics and SEO improvements after joining our platform. View a case study.

fit for all websites

Works with every Kind of Website

Get Started & see the benefits.

Signing up with the Ezoic platform is simple. Ezoic’s cloud integration ensures all websites can leverage our platform to its fullest abilities. Setting up Ezoic takes very little time and doesn’t require any advanced technical knowledge.