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Creative a competitive server-side auction for the ad space on your site using Ezoic

Create Competition For Your Ad Inventory

Server side header bidding is the hottest thing in ad serving right now — and for good reason — as it can boost your website’s revenue if implemented properly.  Ezoic’s A.I. platform is able to maximize returns while avoiding many of the common pitfalls that publishers run into — such as degraded page load speed and ad latency.

Ezoic is an easy-to-use machine learning platform that uses your existing partners and a stable of popular industry partners (listed below) to implement a competitive bidding auction for your ad inventory live on your site. Ezoic’s own bidding partners will compete for your inventory and you are also able to have your own ad partners compete as well using our Mediation feature.

Ezoic and Server Side Header Bidding

Ezoic is not a demand provider. We are agnostic to demand and simply provide a prebuilt, preconfigured mechanism for linking up current demand partners along with over 1,500 Ezoic ad partners so that publishers can easily implement effective server-side header bidding on their website.

Bidding Without Risk

By working with over 20,000 sites, we’ve gotten enough data to prove that header bidding actually works, but there are some caveats. It must be done correctly, with the right rules in place to ensure pages aren’t loaded slowly, and that ad latency doesn’t affect performance. Our platform implements these rules automatically based on real data; ensuring that your inventory is always maximizing it’s potential earning power.

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