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Easily implement server-side header bidding on your site using Ezoic

Intelligent Header Bidding

Server-side header bidding is a popular trend in publishing ad operations right now — and for good reason — as it can boost your website’s ad earnings if it is implemented properly.

Ezoic’s platform allows you to easily implement header bidding on your website while avoiding many of the common pitfalls that publishers run into when implementing a competitive auction for ad space—  such as degraded page load speed and ad latency.


server to server bidding and header bidding
server side header bidding

You’re In Complete Control

The Ezoic platform is designed to help publishers easily test and implement technologies like header bidding on their websites in a self-serve format.

Ezoic’s setup wizard will help you add prebuilt and preconfigured server-side header bidding on your website.

Once integrated and setup with the platform, publishers can use Ezoic’s Chrome Extension to easily drag and drop ad placeholders on their site that will allow Ezoic to test ad placements alongside all the header bidding demand sources for the highest possible ad earnings.


Include All Your Ad Partners

Ezoic is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to set up header bidding using any of your existing partners, and the most popular and reliable industry partners, to implement a competitive bidding auction for ads on your site.

Ezoic’s stable of leading header bidders compete alongside any of your existing ad partners.

The Ezoic Mediation feature makes adding existing partners simple and will track how each performs. More competition means higher ad rates on your website.


server side header bidding

No Risks & Better Results

By working with over 10,000 websites, Ezoic has streamlined the header bidding setup process to ensure that header bidding is implemented with the right rules in place.

An Entire Publishing Platform

Ezoic is not just a header bidding solution. Ezoic leverages the power of machine learning to adjust ad placements and locations to ensure user sessions are longer, more engaging, and produce higher earnings long-term.

Ezoic is an intelligent platform for publishers that includes applications and sophisticated analytics designed to help publishers scale important decisions.

Some of Our Supported Header Bidding Partners


Setup Ezoic On Your Website Starting Right Now

There is no cost to start using Ezoic. Our platform is easy to implement. You can start right now and begin implementing it on your site without talking to anyone.

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