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Header bidding is the hottest thing in ad serving right now — and for good reason — as it can boost your website’s revenue if implemented properly.  Ezoic’s A.I. platform is able to maximize returns while avoiding many of the common pitfalls that publishers run in to — such as degraded page load speed.

Ezoic is an easy-to-use machine learning platform that uses your existing partners to automatically optimize ads on your site and header bidding is no exception . Ezoic’s own bidding partners will compete for your inventory and you are also able to have your own ad partners compete as well using our Mediation feature.

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No more hidden agendas or slow loading times

The Ezoic A.I. system optimizes bidding timeouts by a number of factors, including historical performance, device type and, most importantly, the location of the ad.

Before Ezoic, publishers would often implement bidding in such a way that ads in the viewable area wait for slow ad partners — causing decreased ad viewability, increased bounce rates and lowered time on site.  Ezoic does not let ads in the first viewable screen slow down the experience for the end user and optimizes for overall visit income.

Below is a description of how bidding works with the Ezoic platform.

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