Header Bidding

Technical Documentation

Ezoic’s Monetization platform allows all sites to easily implement header bidding on their website. Ezoic will create a server-side competitive auction for ad space that will increase website income. 

How does header bidding work?

1. To use Header Bidding, third-party javascript must be installed on a site.

2. Header bidding partners get called before every impression and can return a CPM bid. 

3. The highest bid from all header bidding partners is passed into the site’s ad server.

4. Using the value passed in a line item in the ad, the server is activated.

5. The header bidding line item competes with direct allocation and any other ads in the server. 

6. The highest bidder’s ad creative is shown and the website generates the most revenue. 

How do I set up header bidding?

Ezoic’s setup wizard will help you add prebuilt and preconfigured server-side header bidding on your website. Once integrated and set up with the platform, publishers can use Ezoic’s Ad Tester Chrome Extension to easily drag and drop ad placeholders on their site that will allow Ezoic to test ad placements alongside all the header bidding demand sources for the highest possible ad earnings. 

Can I use my existing header bidding partners?

Set up header bidding using any of your existing partners, along with the most popular and reliable industry partners, to implement a competitive bidding auction for ads on your site. Ezoic’s database of leading header bidders competes alongside any of your existing ad partners. The Ezoic Mediation feature makes adding existing partners simple and will track how each performs. More competition means higher ad rates on your website.

What version of prebid is Ezoic’s header bidding using?

We use prebid 3.0.

Does Ezoic use Google OB (open bidding)—formerly known as EBDA?

Yes. We work with both client-side and server-side header bidding to optimize our demand yield to earn publishers the most money.

What ad formats does Ezoic work with?

We are constantly testing the best types of ads on our network including, display, native, outstream video, etc. to optimize ad yield.

Does Ezoic refresh ads? Optimize fill rate? Other AdOps questions?

Our machine learning takes into account all of these things (fill rate, click-through rate, viewability, backfill, refresh rate, size, location, header bidding time-outs) to ensure the best balance of UX and revenue.