Pubtelligence at Google

 What is Pubtelligence?


Pubtelligence is a Google Certified Publishing Partner event hosted by Ezoic that will take place at the Google offices in San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, August 15th, 2017.

It is a single-day event for digital publishers and website owners designed to help them grow their sites, improve monetization strategies, and prepare their digital properties for industry shifts now and in the future.

The event is an invite-only but you can apply to attend below. 


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Apply To Attend Pubtelligence (Only 75 Seats)

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Who Attends Pubtelligence?


Diverse digital publishers and website owners of all shapes and sizes attend Pubtelligence.

The event will feature digital publishing leaders and experts and will include additional educational speakers, Google & Ezoic staff, interactive workshops, and Q&A opportunities.

Publishers interested in a day of learning devoted to best practices and future innovations in the world of digital publishing should apply to attend. There are only 75 seats available for this event, so publishers are encouraged to register as soon as possible to secure a seat.

When & Where is Pubtelligence?


Date: 8/15/2017

Time: 9am-3:30pm

Location: Google’s San Francisco Campus

(7th floor at 345 Spear Street)

Happy Hour: 3:30-6pm (August 15th)

Napa Valley Wine Tour: August 16th (Optional)

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Why Attend Pubtelligence?

Pubtelligence is a premier learning event for digital publishers. Pubtelligence will include information on how publishers can grow, develop, and improve their digital properties. The event will feature expert-led education sessions, hands-on working groups, publisher panels, and Google Q & A’s.

This is an interactive event. Not only will event experts be examining future trends and opportunities in the digital publishing space, there will also be plenty of hands-on learning and chances to ask questions.

This is the best opportunity digital publishers will have all year to learn from each other, receive insights from Google experts, and interact with website growth and development experts.

Time Until Pubtelligence








Pubtelligence Agenda

Morning Sessions

9-10am - Registration / Breakfast Networking

All attendees must check-in before 9:50am

Open networking reception for all attendees, speakers, and staff members. Complimentary breakfast provided to all attendees.

10-10:25am - The State of Digital Publishing

Tyler & John will present exciting new data about trends in digital publishing. They will highlight future opportunities for digital publishers and share information on where many publishers are finding new success.

Presented by: Tyler Bishop & John Cole Ezoic Leadership Team

10:25-10:50am - Google Team Presents On Better Analytics

Dan will discuss some more advanced ways that publishers have started digging into data and discuss strategies for leveraging analytics to drive better business outcomes on your website.

Presented by: Dan Florin Google Analytics Team

10:50-11am - Break

Scheduled break

11-11:30am - Demystifying User Engagement: Authentic vs. Fake

Ohad will dive deep into the world of advanced user behavior analytics. He’ll be sharing some unprecedented data around user experience metrics that reflect both user intent and engagement behavior. This data can be used by publishers to improve traffic, increase return visitors, and drive up the CPMs — and ultimately session revenue —on their digital properties.

Presented by: Ohad Tzur, Ezoic

11:30-12pm - Insights From Google Webmaster Team

Ilya Grigorik, Developer Advocate and Web Performance Engineer, from Google will discuss some of Google’s plans to include ad-blockers in their browsers and how publisher webmasters should be balancing content and ads.

Presented by: Ilya Grigorik, Google Webmaster Team

Afternoon Sessions

12-1pm - Lunch

Complimentary lunch will be provided to all attendees.

1:00-1:30pm - Increasing Traffic Ethically & Effectively

Amanda and Tyler will dive deep into modern techniques and strategies you can use to increase quality web traffic in an ethical and sustainable manner; including SEO, social media, and more. Amanda will outline how she has implemented these practices into her business and how she has scaled them for her staff.

Presented by:

Amanda Nachman, Founder, College Magazine 

(with Tyler Bishop, Award-winning website marketer)

1:30-2:00pm - Publisher Panel

An expert panel will discuss successful publishing strategies, monetization trends, and future expectations. The group will present clear takeaways for all attendees.

Presented By: 

Sudz Kahr, CEO, AppleToolbox

Jim Walczak, Founder,

Piper Lofrano, US Team Lead, Ezoic Publishing Team

2:00-2:30pm - Interactive Group Deep Dives

Publishers can choose from several expertly-moderated groups to join. This will allow publishers an opportunity to focus in on areas of interest and get together with other publishers and experts to share insights, ask questions, and solve problems together.

2:30-2:40pm Break

Scheduled break

2:40-3:30pm - Leadership Q&A Panel

The end of the day Q&A is an opportunity for all attendees to ask questions (town hall format) about anything that was discussed during the event — or anything else related to digital publishing.

Leadership Panel:

Amy Shih, Google
Dwayne Lafleur, Ezoic
Amanda Nachman, College Magazine

Napa Valley Wine Tour (Optional)

August 16th - Optional Napa Valley Wine Tour

The Napa Valley wine tour takes place August 16th (the day after Pubtelligence). The wine tour is free and open to all event attendees who were present for Pubtelligence.


A charter bus will leave in the morning for a tour of Napa Valley wineries. The tour will include stops at popular Napa Valley wineries and will return to San Fransisco later in the afternoon.

Those attending the tour will include other publishers attending Pubtelligence, members of Ezoic staff, and expert speakers from the event.

Other Information About Pubtelligence

Do Publishers Have To Pay To Attend Pubtelligence?

There is no cost to attend Pubtelligence; however, the event is invite-only (but anyone can apply to attend). If your application is approved, you will receive a full access pass to the full event agenda. Breakfast, lunch, and happy hour are all complimentary for attendees.

The event is provided to publishers cost-free by Google & Ezoic and is designed to be a day of learning for a diverse group of digital publishers of all sizes and niches. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Where Should We Stay For The Event?

There are several hotels nearby Google’s offices where Pubtelligence is being held. The ones listed below are within walking distance.

Why Applications To Attend?

Pubtelligence is a first-of-its-kind event. It is designed to bring together smart publishers, experts, and thought leaders together in one place for the expressed purpose of learning and growing. We want to bring together as many different kinds of publishers and website owners as possible to ensure that the event is rich and enlightening for everyone. To do this, we have to have an application process.

We know that’s not fun, but we promise the approval process happens really fast, so you won’t have to wait to find out ;).

Is Pubtelligence Worth My Time?

Oh gosh, we sure hope so!

Pubtelligence was very thoughtfully crafted by teams at Ezoic and Google. The event is designed to be informative, enlightening, and interactive for publishers and website owners that attend.

We think this combination of education, insights, and interactivity will give all attendees the ability to dive deep into new discoveries about their digital properties. We believe this will result in unprecedented opportunities to develop growth strategies and discover new techniques for developing your business.

Apply To Attend Pubtelligence (Only 75 Seats)