Pubtelligence at Google

 What is Pubtelligence?


Pubtelligence is a Google Certified Publishing Partner event designed just for publishers. The next event is at Google offices in New York City, NY on Thursday, February 8th, 2018.

It is a single-day event for digital publishers and website owners designed to help them grow their sites, improve monetization strategies, and prepare their digital properties for industry shifts now and in the future.

You must apply to attend Pubtelligence below.


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Apply To Attend Pubtelligence (150 Seats Available)

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Who Attends Pubtelligence?


Diverse digital publishers, major media brands, and website owners of all shapes and sizes attend Pubtelligence.

The event will feature content from digital publishing experts, industry leaders (like The New York Times), and will include educational speakers from the Google & Ezoic staff, interactive workshops, and Q&A opportunities.

Publishers interested in a day of learning devoted to best practices and future innovations in the world of digital publishing should apply to attend.+ 98% of previous attendees have asked to be invited to attend again.

Details For Next Pubtelligence?

Date: February 8th, 2018

Time: 9am-3:50pm

Location: Google’s New York City Offices

111 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011 – 11th floor – Autumn Tech

Happy Hour: 4:00-7pm

(immediately following the event)

Additional Workshops: February 9th

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Why Attend Pubtelligence?

Pubtelligence is a premier learning event for digital publishers. Pubtelligence in New York will focus on information relating to how publishers can grow, monetize, and improve their digital properties in the future. The event will feature expert-led education sessions, unprecedented data-sharing,  publisher panels, and Q & A’s.

This is an interactive event. We have taken feedback from past events and included more experts, more opportunities to learn from data, and more chances to ask questions.

This is the best opportunity digital publishers will have all year to learn from each other, receive insights from Google experts, and interact with website growth and development experts without interference from outside sponsors.

Time Until Pubtelligence








Pubtelligence Agenda

Morning Sessions

9-10am - Registration / Breakfast Networking


All attendees must check-in before 9:50am

Open networking reception for all attendees, speakers, and staff members. Complimentary coffee and snacks provided.


10-10:30am - Pubinomics - Tyler Bishop and John Cole


Tyler Bishop & John Cole kickoff the event with a deep dive into new data that reveals why publishers often make short-term decisions that lead to long-term disaster. The team presents some unprecedented information, case studies, and data on how and why publishers seem to be doing things visitors hate in order to make less revenue long term???


Tyler Bishop, Award-winning marketer

John Cole, CCO, Ezoic

10:30-11:00am - Google's Roadmap for AMP & PWAs - Ben Morss, Google


A presentation from Google’s Ben Morss on where technologies like AMP and PWAs will fit in for digital publishers. Ben will be doing a brief seminar on how PWAs and AMP converge, why publishers should consider them, and what benefits they offer now and in the future.


Ben Morss, Google Webmaster Team



11-11:30am - Life After Blue Links - Dr. Peter Meyers, MOZ



As publishers, we can no longer pretend that search is a world of blue links and text ads. Rich features, from the Knowledge Graph to Featured Snippets to custom content, are exploding, and the growth of mobile and advent of voice will only accelerate change. What are the opportunities for publishers beyond blue links, what are the risks, and how do we take our tactics into 2018 and beyond?


Peter “Dr. Pete” Meyers, MOZ

Break For Lunch at Google

Afternoon Sessions

11:30-12:30pm - Lunch

Complimentary lunch will be provided to all attendees.

12:30pm-1pm - A Study of Visitor Segmentation - Iggy Chen

Iggy dives into several case studies on visitor behavior and how they change according to specific events and seasonal trends. He shows what adjustments most affect these behaviors and how publishers can capitalize on this knowledge.


Ignatius Chen, Data Analyst, Ezoic

1:00-1:30pm - The Direction of Mobile Publishing - Simon Andrews, The Mobile Fix

A world-leading expert on mobile trends shares his insight an knowledge around what current marketplace moves and shakeups tell us about the future of mobile publishing. A glass half full take the role of context, distribution, and technology to the future of mobile publishing.


Simon Andrews, Publisher of Mobile Fix (and MD of Media Kitchen)

1:30-1:35pm Break

Scheduled break

1:35-2:00pm - Better Content For Better Audiences - Laura Klein, Organic Authority

Laura shares insights and techniques for website growth. A deep dive into her site’s success and the steps she took to develop a rabid and loyal audience.


Laura Klein, Founder of

2:00-2:30pm - Hacking Your Pagespeed - Jon Henshaw, CBSi

Jon reviews the power of page and site speed and how publishers can get more of it! Learn expert secrets to speeding up your site. See when it matters, when it doesn’t, and what you should really be paying attention to.


Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder, Raven Tools (Current Senior SEO Analyst with CBSi)

2:30-2:40pm Break
Scheduled break
2:40-3:10pm - Fireside Chat With New York Times CTO, Nick Rockwell

Ohad  Tzur sits down with New York Times CTO, Nick Rockwell, to discuss…

  • What technologies/functionalities publishers should be considering in 2018.
  • Subscriptions vs. ad monetization – and how to manage both?
  • What the New York Times has learned about visitor behavior


Nick Rockwell, New York Times

Ohad Tzur, Ezoic

3:10-3:45pm - Leadership Town Hall Panel

The end of the day Q&A is an opportunity for all attendees to ask questions (town hall format) about anything that was discussed during the event — or anything else related to digital publishing.

Panel Members:

Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder RavenTools

Dwayne Lafleur, CEO and Founder of Ezoic

Dr. Pete Meyers, Lead Data Scientist at Moz

Simon Andrews, Publisher of Mobile Fix

Optional Friday Workshops

Friday Workshops and One-On-One's

Location:  The Standard Hotel – Garden Room – 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014 – The entrance to the Garden Rooms is located at 69 Little West 12th Street

  • 8:00-9:00am – Breakfast & Networking 
  • 9:00-9:45am – Workshop #1: Website Technology & Infrastructure
  • 9:45-10:30am – Workshop #2: Building an Audience & Growing Your Traffic 
  • Elective One on One Discussions With Ezoic – 10:30am-12:00pm

See all Friday information here.

Per feedback from our last event, we wanted to help facilitate more conversations between publishers and more opportunities for publishers to communicate with available experts.

Beginning at 9am, we will host a series of moderated roundtable discussions where publishers can openly communicate, ask questions, and dive deep into specific topics of their choosing. Experts will be present and contribute to these moderated discussions.

Topics include:

  • Website technology and infrastructure
  • Growth, monetization, and traffic

Any interested publishers will also be able to book Ezoic experts from ahead of time for one on one discussion about their digital properties from 9:00am-12:00pm. Booking forms will go out prior to the event.






Other Information About Pubtelligence

Do Publishers Have To Pay To Attend Pubtelligence?

There is no cost to attend Pubtelligence; however, the event is invite-only (but anyone can apply to attend). If your application is approved, you will receive a full access pass to the full event agenda. Breakfast, lunch, and happy hour are all complimentary for attendees.

The event is provided to publishers cost-free by Google & Ezoic and is designed to be a day of learning for a diverse group of digital publishers of all sizes and niches. Attendees will be responsible for their own travel and lodging.

Where Should We Stay For The Event?

The Friday Workshops and evening happy hour will be hosted here (within walking distance of Google New York offices).

There are several hotels nearby Google’s offices where Pubtelligence is being held. The ones listed below are within walking distance.

Why Applications To Attend?

Pubtelligence is an extremely popular event. Previous editions have been held at Google offices in San Francisco and now the event is traveling to the East coast to make it easier for publishers in other parts of the globe to attend.

Pubtelligence is designed to bring together smart publishers, experts, and thought leaders together in one place for the expressed purpose of learning and growing. We want to bring together as many different kinds of publishers and website owners as possible to ensure that the event is rich and enlightening for everyone. To do this, we have to have an application process.

We know that’s not fun, but we promise the approval process happens really fast, so you won’t have to wait to find out ;).

Is Pubtelligence Worth My Time?

Oh gosh, we sure hope so!

Pubtelligence was very thoughtfully crafted by teams at Ezoic and Google. +98% of past event attendees have asked to be invited again and 96% said they would be willing to travel across the country just to join.

The event is designed to be informative, enlightening, and interactive for publishers and website owners of all shapes and sizes. We’ve collected feedback from every event and use that to improve every new edition of Pubtelligence. For example, last time we heard that publishers wanted to see more case studies, expert discussion on monetization, and opportunities to interact in groups. Pubtelligence NY has incorporated all of this feedback.

We think this combination of education, insights, and interactivity will give all attendees the ability to dive deep into new discoveries about their digital properties. We believe this will result in unprecedented opportunities to develop growth strategies and discover new techniques for developing your business.

Can I See A Preview of What To Expect?


This is a video from one of the session at the last Pubtelligence at Google Offices in San Francisco.

Apply To Attend Pubtelligence (Only 150 Seats)