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Your Demand, Our A.I.

Ezoic allows large publishers to integrate artificial intelligence into their Google DFP Doubleclick account. This gives web property owners the ability to test all of the potential ad combinations (sizes, positions, colors, and more) on a per user basis; using your existing Doubleclick for Publishers account (and all of your existing ad demand).

Google DFP + Automated Testing

Ezoic adds artificial intelligence to your DFP

You can actually test Ezoic on only a small portion of your traffic so that you can compare your site’s performance with Ezoic’s smart testing vs. your existing site.

Improve User Experience

Ezoic’s A.I. learns to deliver ad combinations to each individual user that are proven to decrease bounce rate, increase session duration, improve pageviews per visit, and increase revenue.

Your Ads, Your DFP

Ezoic is not an SSP or ad demand provider. We put the power of testing in the publisher’s hands. Ezoic can test ads, website layouts, and even goals (like subscriptions).

Smart Insights

Leverage unprecedented advanced reporting that can tell you which landing pages or writers are earning the highest session revenue (not per page, but rather, per visitor journey).

From what we’ve seen over the past 6+ months working with Ezoic, we’re extremely excited to continue to work with their technology and their team. They’re incredibly responsive, and they’ve made us a smarter company. We’ve made our site better for users from top to bottom. We’re tracking towards significant YoY revenue growth during what is traditionally our lowest period of the year.

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Start With Ezoic Now

Start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through to Ezoic. This way you can compare how Ezoic performs vs. your existing configuration.

What Does Ezoic Do?

There are potentially millions of variables on your web properties right now. These are all elements that could be potentially altered or tested — and as you might imagine — some of these combinations offer significantly better performance than others.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help digital publishers improve the performance of their web properties by optimizing all of these variables together at once on a per user basis.

By optimizing your site with Ezoic’s powerful testing and optimization applications, your site can improve things like revenue, site speed, bounce rate, session duration, SERP positioning, and pageviews per visit.Ezoic’s flagship platform application is called Ad Tester.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically test ad combinations on a per user basis.

Ad tester allows publishers to keep all of their existing ad networks and ad partnerships while providing them a mechanism for testing things like …Ad size, ad position, ad color, ad density, ad types, and more…

Ezoic gives sophisticated publishers a means for scaling critical tests proven to improve user experience and revenue. Ezoic automatically tests and adjust these ad combinations to each specific users preferences.

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Try Ezoic On Your Site Today

You can start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through Ezoic. This way you have a true apples-to-apples comparison of Ezoic’s effectiveness. There’s no risk.

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