Google AMP Converter

Universal Google AMP Converter for Your Site Pages

The Ezoic AMP Converter App exists on the Ezoic platform and is free to use. It allows any website — regardless of CMS, code, or other factors — to convert their pages into a Google AMP-compliant pages that will be indexed in search engines and other platforms that look for mobile AMP pages.

The Ezoic AMP Converter is the only Google AMP converter built by a Google Certified Publishing Partner. It is also the only AMP Converter that allows you to maintain a beautiful, fully-functioning mobile site while using AMP. Additionally, Ezoic allows you to keep all existing ad partners while using AMP. The Ezoic tags allow you to keep first look providers, DFP, and header bidders while using AMP; there’s no other way for publishers to do this than the Ezoic AMP Converter.

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Why Use Ezoic’s AMP Converter?

Keep Your Ad Tags

AMP HTML only allows a single tag; forcing publishers to choose between things like first look providers, header bidders, and DFP. Ezoic AMP Converter offers publishers the ability to keep competition by allowing all of these partners through to AMP using a single tag.

Automated Smart Testing

AMP Converter provides digital publishers with automated tools to test things like ad placements and ad combinations on a per user basis. This means site owners can ensure that they are delivering ads in the most effective way to visitors on AMP, boosting revenue and user experience.

Maintain A Full Mobile Site

Many AMP sites offer bad user experiences and don’t provide complete mobile features; like site menu’s, etc. Ezoic AMP Converter can help you maintain a beautiful, fully-functioning mobile site that users will love. Ezoic’s converter requires no technical expertise to implement.

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Test AMP On Your Site

Ezoic AMP Converter gives you the ability to test AMP on your site — while providing you with an ultra-fast Google AMP-compliant version of your pages that allows you to keep your menu and provide a true-to-form mobile version of your site’s experience for users. Ezoic is a testing platform, this means we give you control over just how much mobile traffic you can send to the AMP-version of your site vs. your old mobile site. This way, you can compare apples to apples and see which performs better.

Should you convert all your pages to Google AMP? We dive deeper into the considerations here. It’s important to realize there are a lot of factors at play with AMP. Early SERP and SEO results from converting to AMP have been universally positive (although not readily acknowledged by Google directly). Some don’t earn as much from AMP pages as they do regular mobile pages. It is worth digging deeper to determine if you would like to engage a Google converter for your pages. It’s important to make sure that you have a careful plan when converting your pages to Google AMP.

I Want To Create AMP-Versions of My Pages

AMP Converter is a free application available on the Ezoic platform. Sign-up is easy and setup takes less than 15 minutes.