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Ezoic is Google Certified Publishing Partner

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What is a Google Adsense Certified Partner?


Google originally selected only a handful of the most knowledgeable and trusted companies to help Adsense publishers as certified partners. The goal of the program was to provide Adsense publishers with a list of partners that they can be assured have the highest quality standards, know and comply with all policies and provide the best results and service.

The Certified AdSense program later evolved into the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program.

Learn about how Ezoic helps AdSense publishers here.

Ezoic is a tool AdSense publishers can use to enhance, manage, improve, and optimize their existing AdSense accounts; without the need for expensive consultants or agencies. Test and improve your website by yourself.

The exclusive Google certification means that Ezoic is endorsed by Google for these services.

Is Ezoic a Google Certified Publishing Partner?


In 2014, Ezoic became the first and only American headquartered company to be selected and certified by Adsense to be a certified partner.

When Google opted to roll over the Certified AdSense program into the new Google Certified Publishing Partner program, Ezoic was one of the first businesses Google brought into the Google Certified Publishing Partner program

Why was Ezoic selected by Google?


Ezoic was selected for two reasons. The first is the amazing results that Adsense publishers see from using our machine learning platform to increase revenue, ensure Google policy compliance, and our ability to consider UX metrics (like bounce rate) in all that we do.

The second is that Ezoic is extremely knowledgeable about online advertising — and AdSense in particular. Our team has decades of experience in the ever-changing space, and our technologies reflect that experience.

What does Ezoic do for Adsense Publishers?


Ezoic provides an automated optimization service to Adsense publishers that is free to use. We test new layouts and ad positions using your website / content. On average, sites more than double their ad earnings and see improved search rankings. Here is a list of the benefits:

  • We learn from visitors to improve user experience (time on site, bounce rate, pageviews / visit)
  • Improved user experience often leads to improved search rankings and traffic.
  • We test thousands of ad positions and combinations – you earn more than double on average.
  • We can help you create & test layouts and ads on all devices so you get amazing experiences on mobile phones and tablets
  • Improved site loading speed. How hard is it to get started?

Ezoic is a technology layer that goes in between your site and visitors. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started and you can turn it on/off instantly. You can get started by clicking the button below.