GDPR Consent Management Platform

Easily Manage GDPR Compliance Details

Ezoic’s Consent Management Platform is a free application inside the Ezoic app store that gives publishers the ability to configure and setup privacy and cookie permissions for visitors to comply with GDPR regulations.

We realize that most websites lack the ability to map IP’s to locations and switch out ad tags based on a visitors’ responses. Ezoic’s Consent Management Platform does this automatically to help publishers establish GDPR compliance.

gdpr consent management platform cmp

Simple GDPR Controls

The Consent Management app gives publishers complete control over which visitors will receive consent pop-ups.

This gives website owners the ability to implement GDPR compliance specifications only to users to which it applies (while also giving them the ability to expand it to all visitors).

Access granular control over:

  • Consent pop-up dialog
  • Visitor settings
  • AMP settings
  • Language preferences
  • 3rd party integrations
  • and more…

Personalize Your Communication

Personalize how you communicate with visitors about privacy. Control how permission is requested and communicated to visitors using the apps customized input forms.

Manage cookie data. The app provides total control over stored cookies and provides a mechanism for classification and permission.

Automatic GDPR compliance. While Ezoic does provide full personalization around your messaging to selected visitors, Ezoic’s framework makes it easy for website owners to maintain GDPR regulations to cookies and user privacy.

GDPR compliance
Ezoic consent management for gdpr

Customize Your Settings


Configure the Ezoic consent management app to fit your unique specifications.

  • Integrate with a 3rd party CMP (consent management platform)
  • Customize consent dialog
  • Automatically adjust ad tags based on visitor choices
  • Multi-lingual controls and rules

Ezoic is a secure solution for gaining visitor consent. Thousands of digital publishers trust Ezoic to help them with GDPR compliance.

Ezoic is Intelligent

Over time, as data is collected and better understood, the Ezoic consent management app will evolve to provide machine learning features — like in some of our other apps — to help publishers maximize user experience metrics and revenue while maintaining compliance.

Disclaimer: The Ezoic consent management app is designed to help publishers become compliant with European GDPR rules by managing the data and permissions set forth in the regulation. Every company, website, and legal entity have different data collection requirements under GDPR regulations and are responsible for maintaining compliance on their own accord.