Ezoic Standard Edition

For website owners, publishers, bloggers, and publishing groups

Improve User Experience & Revenue

Ezoic’s Standard edition platform provides website owners, bloggers, and publishing groups a no-cost solution for testing and automatically optimizing ads, layouts, ad partners, and more. The Ezoic platform easily allows users to leverage automated multivariate testing to help deliver visitors better experiences resulting in higher digital revenue.

Ezoic A.I. = Making Smarter Decisions

Try Ezoic On Your Site

Sign-up and start testing Ezoic on only a portion of your traffic to get started.

Intelligent Ad Testing

Ezoic’s Ad Tester tests ad locations, types, sizes & colors on a per user basis, and automatically optimizes thousands of variables to increase ad revenue & reduce things like bounce rate.

Tailor Layouts To Users

Ezoic’s Layout Tester allows users to automatically test different layouts & themes. Ezoic will learn which ones visitors like the best and personalize delivery to enhance user experience metrics.

Competition Wins

Ezoic allows publishers to bring all of their existing ad partners into our testing platform and provides a fair playing field for them all to compete for your ad space. Competition means that publishers win.

Why Ezoic Works

The traditional problem with web testing is that the majority rules. The majority of visitors may prefer a certain layout or ad combination, so that is the one that gets implemented. Unfortunately, that leaves behind all the other users that would prefer something different. Ezoic tests, learns, and delivers every visitor a tailored experience. This means more pageviews per visit and lower bounce rates for publishers.

A Brief Overview of Ezoic

website testing and analytics

See How Experiments Affect Visitors


Run experiments to see how testing will affect things like revenue and user experience long term. Understand how testing is impacting visitor behavior and more.

Ezoic gives publishers the tools they need to personalize every visitor’s experience based on objective data. Ezoic provides a full analytics suite designed to give publishers complete visibility into both user engagement and how ad revenue is accumulating.

Enterprise Edition

For major brands and large publishing groups
  • Includes All Ezoic Applications
  • Custom Platform Integrations
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Premium 24/7 Support
  • … and More

Since we’ve seen working with Ezoic, they’ve made us a smarter company. We’ve made our site better for users from top to bottom. We’re tracking towards significant YoY revenue growth during what is traditionally our lowest period of the year.

Charles Cox

CEO, SwingBySwing.com

It's Easy To Start Using Ezoic

You can start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through Ezoic. This way you have a true apples-to-apples comparison of Ezoic’s effectiveness. There’s no risk. Automated multivariate testing can often offer significant improvements to bounce rate, time on site, pageviews per visit, and ad earnings.

What Does Ezoic Do?

There are potentially millions of variables on your web properties right now. These are all elements that could be potentially altered or tested — and as you might imagine — some of these combinations offer significantly better performance than others.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help digital publishers improve the performance of their web properties by optimizing all of these variables together at once on a per user basis.

By optimizing your site with Ezoic’s powerful platform applications, your site can improve things like revenue, site speed, bounce rate, session duration, SERP positioning, and pageviews per visitEzoic’s flagship platform applications help digital publishers optimize and deliver personalized ad combinations (using your existing ads), layouts, and custom actions (like subscriptions).

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Still Have Some Questions?

Still have questions about the technology, how it will work with your site, how it integrates with other infrastructure, and more? Get answers from our FAQ to get a better understanding of how you can get started.

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