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We always encourage publishers to test Ezoic for themselves, but you can see some of the experiences of confirmed current and past users below.

Many older Ezoic reviews only talk about our Layout Tester application; however, most new publishers chose to start by using our newer Ad Testing app. before moving to Layout Tester. Ad Tester offers all the same benefits as Layout Tester, but does not interrupt the everyday look and feel of your current site, so many publishers find it as the ideal starting point.

Confirmed Real User Reviews

Why Real Ezoic Reviews?

We know that putting your website in our hands is something that likely has you researching more about our platform and what it can really do. That’s why we don’t have any cookie cutter testimonials or Ezoic reviews on our site. Above, you’ll find links to real Ezoic reviews from across the internet from real users that have had tremendous success with our platform.

These reviews are genuine and published by credible site owners that have generated significant revenue using the Ezoic platform. We hope you’ll take the time to educate yourself by reading several of the reviews above to determine if Ezoic is right for you.

Above all else, we believe in testing. We hope that the proof of our platforms success above will give you the confidence to give Ezoic a test.

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