Ezoic Premium™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Ezoic’s Premium Program


Will Premium be worth it?


In terms of financial value, YES. Before a publisher is invited to Premium, Ezoic has predicted that it will work for them. The Elite-level of the plans delivers the most value and has the best reviews from existing Premium publishers. The higher the tier of the plan selected, the more overall financial value the publisher is likely to see.


Can a publisher pay for Premium using existing ad revenue?


No. Currently, the only acceptable payment method for Premium is a credit card.

The payment for Premium and the payout for your Earnings are on different billing cycles. The Premium payment is for an ongoing month while your earnings are still paid on the net 30-day basis.


Can I upgrade/downgrade within my Premium plan without changing my annual/monthly term? (move from Basic to Elite)


Yes. Publishers can upgrade or downgrade their plan (ie. go from Basic to Elite) and the payment term will stay the same.  The system will prorate the billing so the remainder of the month will be credited for the next month or billed on their next billing date.


What happens if my Premium earnings are less than my Premium cost?


We will automatically update your account based on the plan thresholds to help ensure Premium continues to make you profit more money than you would without the program.


What happens if my earnings decrease during a month?


We will automatically lower the plan level of your account based on the plan thresholds to ensure that the amount you spend on Premium results in you netting more total revenue.

However, we will NOT automatically upgrade plans. You will need to personally choose to upgrade your plan to a higher tier in the change plan section of the Premium dashboard.

Changes between Basic, Preferred, and Elite are all manual. Elite is highly recommended and will provide the highest ROI.


When would my plan auto-Adjust Lower to ensure I save money?


When our data determines that your current plan level is no longer performing at the estimates of your current plan it will automaticlly adjust the plan down 1 level and prorate the rest of the month.


What are the main benefits of Premium?


  • Additional revenue from Premium advertisers
  • Your data gets processed first in our system which leads to regular revenue and UX optimization gains
  • Access to features – API, priority to Big Data reporting, Ad level reporting (Elite only)
  • Additional services – Monthly/Quarterly(depending on plan) expert sessions to deep dive and help grow site revenue
  • Premium Advertiser Report showing top advertisers on the site. 

When am I eligible to be invited to Premium?


Premium is only available to publishers that have used the Ezoic platform for an extended period of time and meet other quality criteria. We are only able to accept a limited number of new Premium publishers per month. You can register your interest in joining the program from the Earnings dashboard page. Access to the program is not based on size or strategic importance of a publisher.


If I had Premium before but I canceled, can I rejoin?


No. We are not currently allowing users to return after canceling.


If my revenue increases and I become eligible for a higher plan will the system auto upgrade me?


No. You will have to manually select the higher plan. Switching plans won’t change the tiers.


Can I upgrade from ‘monthly’ to ‘annual’ plan at any point?


Yes, our accounting system will make any adjustments to the next subscription invoice.


Should my EPMV increase with Premium?


Due to higher-CPM deals, and prioritized data optimization by our system, your site will always make more money on Premium then it would have if not on Premium. There are other factors that affect EPMV like seasonality, site changes, and traffic changes.


If I have multiple sites on Ezoic, do I have to pay for Premium more than once or just once?


By signing up for Premium, the benefits are distributed to all of your sites on Ezoic. You do not need to apply for each individual site. Currently, you can’t exclude any site either — all will be in Premium.


Does Premium make more money by placing more ads or placeholders? 


No. Premium does not place more ads or more placeholders. Premium revenue is generated through the use of programmatic guaranteed deals with specific advertisers that are interested in your inventory.

These guaranteed deals tend to be at much higher CPM rates, but only on a limited amount of inventory. This means that we simply use existing placeholder with high-paying ads that we have worked to supply for you directly.

With Premium — the system will also prioritize processing the testing data and making faster optimization changes. This will generate more revenue and improve user experience metrics.


Does Premium ad revenue decrease my non-premium revenue?

No, in order to display Premium Revenue to you in the Ezoic reporting, we calculate (or predict when data isn’t available) the delta between what you would have received for the same inventory without Premium and display only the increase to you as Premium Revenue. When you’re viewing your Premium Revenue numbers, you can be sure that there is no lost opportunity and that any additional revenue added through premium sources is on top of what could have been achieved through other sources.


What is the Premium Advertiser Report?


It is a list of who is advertising on your site. This helps you see what advertisers are bidding to place ads on your site. It is not typically something publishers have an opportunity to look at.


Will Premium take away from revenue I am already earning?


Our system won’t invite a publisher if Premium isn’t going to work for them. Ezoic has ensured that Premium ads will pay out higher than ads that would show normally using Ezoic. This means that no matter what, you are making more money on Premium.