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Premium matches major brands with your site’s audience and sells campaigns to run on your site. You can use the Ezoic Premium Advertiser report inside your Premium dashboard to view what brands are displaying to your visitors and the % of premium revenue they’re contributing to your Ezoic Premium earnings.

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The Power of Premium

Premium is a one-of-kind subscription service that allows sites to access high-earning, guaranteed deals with brand advertisers. Ezoic Premium takes care of selling, trafficking, and reporting these campaigns while ensuring sites earn more money from all Ezoic ad partners, brand campaigns, and ad partners you connected through ad mediation. When advertisers compete, publishers win, and Premium adds high-bidding advertisers to existing ad sources inside Ezoic to produce the highest revenue.

Analyze Ezoic earnings along with Premium

Premium revenue is generated from campaigns sold through Ezoic Premium that competes for audiences and bids with all other Ezoic ad partners, and as a part of your Ezoic Level. It also competes with any ad networks you already use that are linked through mediation.

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