Ezoic Partner Program

Provide Extraordinary Value to Publishers


Ezoic is a machine learning platform for digital publishers. Our technology allows partners to help their customers make more intelligent decisions at scale.

The Ezoic platform provides partners with a powerful tool that can help you differentiate yourself from competition, provide better insights and data to customers, and deliver better client services and support.

Ezoic is a smart technology that can seamlessly plug into your existing business and help you scale decision-making, customer service, and reporting.


ezoic partnership program
advanced publisher reporting

Why Become An Ezoic Partner?

1 – Provide better outcomes to customers by enhancing user engagement metrics and increasing value per visitor using Ezoic’s automated technology.

2Onboard, manage and monitor each publisher separately using Ezoic’s Business Manager tool

3Access advanced reporting for each account, including UTM sources, revenue by landing pages, and granular user engagement metrics.

4 – Pull proprietary UX and revenue data into your own reporting/dashboards using Ezoic API.

5 – Leverage a dedicated partner team to work closely with your organization.

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Learn More About Ezoic Technology

Find out more about how Ezoic technology works and why publishers are able to benefit so greatly from things like automated personalization and testing.