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Monetizing With Your Visitors In Mind


As a blogger, you know that your visitors are your most valuable resource. That’s why it is critical for bloggers to test, measure, and understand how ads are affecting your visitor’s experiences.

Ezoic for Bloggers is an easy-to-use platform that bloggers can use to easily monetize their site. Our simple drag-n-drop placeholder extension allows bloggers to add ads to their site using a simple Google Chrome extension. What’s more, Ezoic will test all the locations you place your ads to figure out which locations are the best for user experience and revenue!

You’re in charge. You pick where the ads can show and you can monitor how user experiences and revenue are affected by using our robust reporting. It’s all in one place.  You can sign-up today and direct only a portion of your traffic to Ezoic — using a simple slider in our dashboard — to get started.

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Safe Monetization


Monetize your site across all devices in a responsible and data-driven manner. Ezoic allows you to quickly display ads from thousands of ad demand providers, all while testing which ad placements are best for your visitors. Ezoic allows bloggers to fully-control what types of ads show in different locations on their websites; while testing to see where users might be negatively impacted by them.

Knowledge Is Power


Ezoic puts you in the driver seat. Bloggers can access detailed information about monetization, user behavior, and much more from the Ezoic dashboard. All the information big brands have to dig for is available in Ezoic for bloggers to access immediately right out of the box.

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