Ezoic Enterprise Edition

Machine Learning For Major Media Brands & Large Publishing Groups

Learn From Every Session


Ezoic’s Enterprise Edition allows media brands and other premium publishers to learn from visitor behavior and scale better decision-making.

Ezoic equips large publishers with the ability to properly balance visitor engagement and revenue by treating every user session differently. This can apply to ad combinations, layouts, content, and more.

Independent website owners should consider Ezoic’s Standard edition.

ezoic enterprise edition

Authentic Engagement

Ezoic learns from visitor behavior and discovers what experiences are most engaging to them.

Unprecedented Data Science

Cloud-based data science gives publishers the ability to automatically test & optimize for competing outcomes. 

Intelligent Insights

Ezoic integrates with data management platforms & ad verification software to leverage existing data. 

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For website owners, bloggers, and publishing groups
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What Does Ezoic Do?

There are millions of variables on your web properties right now. Ezoic uses machine learning to understand how these variables impact visitor behavior. Our platform allows publishers to automatically balance all of these elements together to create better sessions for every visitor. 

This means more engaged pageviews per visit, greater session revenue, lower bounce rates, increased engagement time, and more. Ezoic is the only platform available for publishers that actually balances user experiences and revenue together by leveraging proven data.

Enterprise features include:

  • Google DFP integration
    • (allowing you to use your own ad demand & ad stacks)
  • Data management platform integration
  • Advanced engagement analytics and reporting
  • Premium support
  • Viewability reporting & optimization tools
  • Custom sponsored content controls & optimization tools
  • Subscription & action optimization tools
    • Designed to help you balance the value of subscriptions vs. the value of ads on a per-user basis

The Right Decisions In Context

Ezoic is powered and fueled by data science. In this video, one of our data scientists is speaking at Mediatel in London about how our research and exploration of artificial intelligence has revealed just how powerful the correlation between ad revenue and visitor experiences really is.

It is nearly impossible for publishers to truly improve session revenue and user experiences over time if they do not fully understand how one affects the other in context. Machine learning is the only way of scaling this process effectively.

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You can start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through Ezoic. This way you have a true apples-to-apples comparison of Ezoic’s effectiveness. There’s no risk.