How Ezoic’s CDN caching works

Technical documentation

Is Ezoic's caching active if the site is not activated Via Cloud (Cloudflare or nameservers)?


If integrated via cloud (Nameservers or cloudflare), does ezoic cache anything if the caching app is turned off?


When Ezoic's caching is turned on, does this activate Ezoic's CDN?

When a website has successfully integrated (via nameservers, Cloudflare, CNAME, or CDN), Ezoic’s CDN is active. This means your site is being routed through Ezoic’s servers, which utilizes our reverse proxy, server-level CDN. This is different than caching. When the caching app is turned on, you get additional speed optimization features.

If Ezoic's CDN is on, how does this affect my existing cdn?

Ezoic’s CDN and your existing CDN can work hand in hand. If you use Cloudflare or another popular CDN, once integrated with Ezoic, both work together to deliver your visitors the fastest experience.

When Ezoic's caching app is turned on, does it replace any existing caching?

Ezoic’s caching app will function on top of other existing caching applications. In certain scenarios, this will make your existing caching redundant.

When Ezoic is not "on" or a percentage of traffic is partitioned to a non-Ezoic version of a site, will Ezoic's caching still apply to the non-Ezoic version?

Ezoic’s caching will cache both the Ezoic and non-Ezoic version of your website.

How will using WordPress caching plugins impact Ezoic's caching?

They won’t affect nameserver/Cloudflare/CNAME/CDN integrations because this happens behind Ezoic. 

Although, depending on how much of your site is caching with Ezoic, it can definitely make WordPress caching plugins redundant.

What are Ezoic's caching app settings and how should publishers use them to make a site faster?

Ezoic will respect any pre-existing rules that are set up on the publisher’s end, and if no rules are present, then the caching app default settings will be active.

What potential conflicts are common with ezoic caching?

With the WordPress plugin, there are some caching plugins that are not compatible with us.

Explicitly Compatible WP Caching Plugins as of Feb 2020:

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Rocket Cache

Known incompatible WP Caching Plugins as of Feb 2020:

  • Swift Performance Cache
  • LiteSpeed Caching
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • AutoOptimise/AutOptimise cache
  • WP-Optimize
  • SG Optimizer

How do you clear Ezoic's cache?

You can clear Ezoic cache site-wide by using the clear cache button within the caching app, or clear by individual URL.

How long after clearing the cache will users see the latest version of the site?

This depends. Clearing a single URL will be almost instantaneous. Clearing the cache site-wide might take slightly longer for the changes to propagate but still should be fast.