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Ezoic allows sites to adapt to improve ad revenue and UX

Advertisers compete for web visitors based on their attributes 

Advertisers and visitors change behavior with every pageview but most websites never adapt to these differences

Competition is higher for some visitors

Every visit creates a virtual auction for advertisers to determine if they show an ad

This is done programmatically

This means advertiser decisions are automated and based on historical data

Advertisers make adjustments based on visitor value

... this means the demand for ad space changes but the website supply stays the same

Showing all visitors the same ad placements is costly

Sites don't have to be at a disadvantage. They could adjust the number of ads and placements to balance supply and demand

Ad types, locations, and the number of ads impact visitors

Some ad networks, locations, and sizes may maximize revenue for one particular type of visitor but not another

The visitor's experience is an important part as well

Some visitors may visit fewer pages or spend less time on the site based on the ad combinations they see


Sites can make adjustments based on non-personal data 

Major improvements to revenue and UX can come from using data like, visitor device type, location, and more

Testing different ad  combinations delivers the data needed

Testing is the only way to know which combinations are best for each type of visitor. Unfortunately, there are thousands of variables.

A/B testing is flawed and may do more harm than good

 Multivariate testing is required to learn how one thing might positively or negatively influence another.

Results must be implemented on a per visitor basis

U.S. visitors may see higher ad rates for a square ad while Swedish visitors may get higher bids on a rectangle ad.

Each page on a site may need to adapt differently as well

Ad networks, types, locations, and sizes all need to be tested and adapted to different types of visitors, making the combinations nearly endless

Ads can also dilute the value of other ads

More ads may make revenue go up, but advertisers will adjust over time. This means that test results are not always perfectly clear at first

Ezoic simplifies it all using machine learning

Ezoic intelligently tests thousands of ad partners and placements ensuring more revenue is earned than ever before

A.I. balances earnings and UX 

Ezoic uses data science and advanced technology to make it easy for anyone to implement these sophisticated methods

Popular ad networks and technologies
are built-in

Ezoic includes the highest-earning ad networks and exchanges automatically and provides a platform that makes testing and implementing them easy for all websites

Keep control without signing a contract

Ezoic provides sites of all shapes and sizes the ability to take advantage of cutting-edge monetization without signing a contract

Ezoic optimizes each visit automatically

Sites have the power to be as hands-on or hands-off as they choose. Ezoic will learn and optimize every pageview according to these preferences

Transparent performance ensures the best results

Sites can connect existing ad partners and easily conduct traffic split-testing to ensure they're always achieving the best results

Getting started is easy and the first 30 days are free

Sites can setup Ezoic without assistance. Sites can elect to keep using Ezoic by sharing revenue from the pages Ezoic optimizes. For more details see the Ezoic pricing page

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