Preguntas más frecuentes

¿Es muy difícil empezar a usar la plataforma? ¿Cuánto tiempo lleva?

Creating an Ezoic account will take you about 30 seconds.  Setting up takes about an hour.

Here’s the process:

  1. Create an account here
  2. Change your name servers, install the WordPress plugin, or enable the Cloudflare app
  3. Install the Ezoic Chrome Extension and create ‘ad placeholders’ (these are potential ad locations on a page) and insert them or ‘wrap’ them around your existing ads.
  4. Apply for Google’s Ad Exchange (ADX) and link your AdSense account.
  5. Turn the system ‘on’ by device, and choose what percentage of traffic you’d like Ezoic to apply machine learning to.


¿Qué cambiará Ezoic en mi sitio?

Usted controla en todo momento lo que se va a probar y aquello que potencialmente puede verse modificado en su sitio. Ezoic cuenta con dos productos principales para probar los anuncios:

  • Ad Tester únicamente cambia los anuncios (posiciones, tipos, tamaños, colore, etc.), nada más. Usted decide qué tipos de anuncios (nativos/destacados/en línea) mostrar y dónde podrían mostrarse potencialmente.  Todas las variables de los anuncios están bajo su control. Ezopic simplemente prueba y optimiza los anuncios para ayudarle a mejorar la experiencia de los usuarios y obtener más ingresos.
  • Layout Tester automatiza las pruebas y la optimización de los diseños de contenido (temas), las funciones de navegación y las ubicaciones de los anuncios, todo ello de manera simultánea. No es necesario que utilice Layout Tester si le preocupa de qué manera podría cambiar el aspecto de su sitio. Recomendamos a muchos usuarios que comiencen con Ad Tester y posteriormente experimenten con Layout Tester sobre una parte del tráfico.

Ambos productos utilizan un motor de inteligencia artificial que realizará diversas pruebas en función de los objetivos que defina para el sitio en Configuración > Objetivos de optimización.

Puede elegir entre cuatro objetivos:

  1. Pruebas centradas en la experiencia del usuario (que intentarán encontrar combinaciones que aumenten el tiempo que se permanece en el sitio y las páginas vistas en cada visita, y que disminuyan la tasa de rebotes y favorezcan esas combinaciones frente a los resultados de "ingresos").
  2. Centrados en los ingresos (que ponderarán los ingresos en una proporción de 70:30 frente a la experiencia del usuario)
  3. Equilibrados, que ponderarán las decisiones que afectan a las pruebas en función de una división de 50:50 entre ingresos y experiencia del usuario.
  4. Personalizados.  Elija su propio nivel de ponderación para indicar al sistema qué es lo que debe buscar para usted.
Si utilizo Ezoic, ¿aumentaré mis ingresos por publicidad digital?

Applying machine learning to your website and your ad delivery results in higher ad revenue and better user experience metrics. There are no exceptions to this principle when applied correctly.

Ezoic learns from visitors and helps publishers make small changes automatically that influence higher revenues and better overall UX metrics.

Most publishers make +50% more revenue from having ads in better positions, lowered bounce rates, and increased session duration and page views per visit.

Ezoic is a smart platform that gives you all the controls. It will only do what you tell it to do, so when you to set goals for your ad location optimization, you’ll need to choose a goal.  In Settings, you choose either ‘revenue focused’, ‘user experience focused’, ‘balanced’ or ‘custom’ goals which trade off revenue (earnings per thousand visits) against a combination of user experience metrics, to get you the results you have selected.

Ultimately, ensuring Ezoic is configured properly will go a long way in ensuring that any revenue goals you have for using Ezoic are met.

¿Verán los visitantes muchos anuncios?

The Ezoic system is 100% data-driven and designed to deliver better visitors experiences that are built around the optimization goals you have set for them.

By measuring bounce rates, session duration and page views per visit, on a per user and per landing page basis, the system can achieve a scientific balance between UX and revenue.

This is a much more accurate way of determining how users feel about the number/size/style of ads that they see. Ezoic ‘learns’ how to show ads in locations that make you money but don’t detract from user experience. Data gives us a much more accurate way of looking at this.

This works because a good user experience will feed into better revenue.  More on why this is here.

¿Qué grado de control tendré sobre mi sitio web?

Only the ad locations / configurations will change when using Ad Tester (based on placeholders that you can set).  You configure what ads show.  Ads are controlled on an individual page level & sitewide, so you can exclude certain ad spots and exclude certain pages from testing.  You decide what types of ads to show.

All in all — you have the same controls over the ads as you have now.  Ezoic will learn which ads to show where according to device type, traffic source, landing page, geographic location, time of day and more.

There is no contract or minimum term commitment, so you can stay or leave at any time.  You can toggle Ezoic ON or OFF for Desktop/Mobile/Tablet and control the percentage of users who get to see new ad configurations at all times.

¿Con qué tecnologías es compatible?

Ezoic supports all technologies and all CMS platforms.  This is because the system operates at the DNS/Proxy level.  So, whether you built your site using WordPressDrupalal, Sitecore, Dreamweaver or wrote the code yourself in pearl 15 years ago, Ezoic will still work.

You can keep all of your existing ad demand and ad partners as well. Ezoic is simply a testing layer that does not affect any existing ad relationships or programmatic settings (if you’re integrating with your DFP).

¿Con qué tipo de sitios web trabajan?

Ezoic works with major brands that include some of the top 100 largest websites in the world — as well as small informational sites run by singular individuals — and just about everything in between.

Our digital publishers and websites really do come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone that offers high quality, original content, as well as useful web-based tools.

We work with sites that receive as few as 25,000 visits per month and as many as 100 million visits per month. We also work with forums, games site’s and e-commerce sites in many cases as well.

¿Desea más información sobre Ezoic?

We are a technology company based in San Diego, California. We are backed by Balderton Capital (formerly Benchmark Europe), New Amsterdam Capital and Silicon Valley Bank.  Until Nov 2013, we were in «stealth mode», so we tended to shy away from publicity and press releases. We are quietly working away on solving some really interesting problems and we hope you like what we’ve built and will feedback your ideas to us on how it can be improved.

You can read our recent press here.


Now Ezoic works with thousands of digital publishers and working with some of the most respected names in the world of digital media.

In 2014, 2015, and 2016, Ezoic was honored by Google.  We were the first North American Google AdSense Partner.  We were also an inaugural member of the new Google Certified Publishing Partner Program (there are only 12 of those companies in the USA) when the certified Adsense program was ‘sunset’ in December 2015. Then, in late 2016, Ezoic was awarded the Google business Innovation award.

We are also the only testing company to be a Cloudflare ‘Certified Partner’.

Ezoic was founded by Dwayne Lafleur, an internet entrepreneur who started his first online business in 1999. Dwayne was the founder and CEO of Cubics, the first Facebook ad network, which was acquired by Adknowledge Inc in 2007.

¿Con cuántos sitios web trabajan?

We work with thousands of digital publishers and online web properties reaching billions of pageviews per month.

Last year alone, we had over 1,000 new publishers start using Ezoic that still use it today.

No soy muy proclive a usar tecnología, ¿puedo aún así usar Ezoic?

Yes! We made Ezoic to work for everyone.

‘Integration’ is very easy (changing name servers, adding a plugin, or enabling the Cloudflare app takes 1 minute).  After that, it’ll take you 40-60 minutes to set up your ad placeholders and sign up for Google’s Ad Exchange.  After that it’s all automated, so you can sit back and relax, and let the computers do the heavy lifting for you.

If you need help, we are available 24/7, via (we have offices in the UK and USA).

¿Listo para empezar?

¿Tiene todas las respuestas que necesita? Puede crear una cuenta y empezar a usar Ezoic ahora mismo. La configuración debería llevarle menos de 15 minutos.

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