Engagement Analytics

Measure Visitor Engagement

Ezoic Engagement Analytics allows website owners and digital publishers to truly measure good user experiences and differentiate them from bad ones.

Using Engagement Analytics, publishers can see true visitor engagement time, engaged pageviews, and identify when navigation bounces are occurring.

Monitoring and improving all the engagement metrics inside Engagement Analytics have been researched and proven to increase ad revenue and positively impact things like SEO and organic website traffic.

Available at no cost as a part of the Ezoic platform.

ezoic engagement analytics

Analytics & Data

Collect valuable information about the visitor behavior on your website. See when navigation is performing well, or even determine how different changes to your site affect user intent and other metrics that impact ad revenue.

Measure and track:

  • Engagement Time
  • Navigation Bounces
  • Engaged Pagviews Per Visit
  • Return Visitor Rate
  • Copy/Paste Per Visit
  • DOM Complete
  • Content Loaded Time
  • DOM Interactive Rate
  • And more…

Improve UX & Revenue

Measure and record objective metrics that give transparency to how visitors are actually interacting with your website.

Provide a better website experience to users while demonstrating and increasing the value of your website to advertisers. Websites with more engaged visitors typically have higher ad CTR, ad viewability, and ad campaign performance — making your website more valuable to advertisers — directly and programmatically.

Use data to provide your visitors with better user experiences on your website.

ezoic engagement analytics

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