Google (Ad Manager) DFP Extension

Your DFP (Ad Manager), Ezoic A.I.

For organizations with sales teams, large numbers of direct ad deals, or sophisticated ad trafficking, Ezoic can deliver exceptional value by connecting with your existing Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) account (now Google Ad Manager).

Our Google DFP Extension allows your existing ad operations and sales teams to unlock the power of the Ezoic machine learning platform without changing your existing workflow.

Leveraging Ezoic with your existing DFP or Ad Manager account will allow you to take advantage of advanced machine learning insights on your web properties.  Things like modifying ad density — per visitor — based on previous learnings about behavior from visitors with similar attributes.

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A.I. From A Google Partner

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner; which means that Ezoic can offer service and support for Google products. This makes our Google DFP (Ad Manager) Extension easy, and often gives publishers a more robust experience with support than working with Google directly.

Ezoic requires API access to your DFP/Ad Manager account which is done by creating a new user in DFP.  Using this API access, Ezoic will create new key-value pairs, one new order for Ad Exchange, one new order for Adsense, and one new order for Header Bidding.  These orders will NOT run on tags not served through Ezoic. This means you get the best of all worlds with Ezoic.

Google DFP/Ad Manager Trafficking

You can traffic ad campaigns to ads served via Ezoic in a number of ways.  The most common way is using targeting presets that we create for you.  You are able to target all tags served through Ezoic or select individual ad locations (top of page, sidebar, etc).

Bring Your Existing Ad Tags

Ezoic typically creates new ad units that Ezoic will use for its various ad locations.  However, if you traffic campaigns to specific tags or placements, you can simply import your existing tags into the Ezoic Platform and Ezoic will use those tags.

This is accomplished using a simple web interface where you select a corresponding ad location (top of page, sidebar, etc) where you would like Ezoic to serve each tag.

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Google Ad Exchange Accounts

If you already have your own Google Ad Exchange account, Ezoic can use your Google AdX account.

However, if you have any exchange global rules for colors or bidding or floors — it is recommended that you use Ezoic’s Google Certified Ad Exchange account — to prevent conflict.

Ezoic is a very large and highly advanced Google Ad Exchange user and a Google Certified Partner. Yields via the Ezoic account are typically 40% higher than what we see in typical publisher accounts.

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