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VIP is the highest level inside Ezoic’s NEW Levels release. VIP-level accounts receive unprecedented resources to grow traffic and revenue unavailable elsewhere.


: Invites remaining until close

Introducing Ezoic VIP


The New Standard For Elite Sites:
An unprecedented combination of cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expert resources that work for you.

Guaranteed Higher Performance:
VIP delivers unmatched revenue that we guarantee, or we’ll pay an additional +25%.

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Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

You’ll earn more as an Ezoic VIP-level than you could leveraging any other display ad method. Here’s why:


Strategic positioning:
Leading SEO, website performance, development, and ad ops experts come together to guide growth

Brands super-sales team:
Experienced ad sales veterans work directly with brands to generate high-earning campaigns for your sites.

Real-time responsiveness:
Communicate with Ezoic VIP team via Slack, email, or phone to get assistance previously believed to be available only for for in-house teams.


Retain more revenue than ever
Ezoic VIP provides transparency that allows sites to keep more revenue than they knew was possible.

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The Ezoic VIP Professional Services Team includes:

Onboarding Engineer 

  • Ensures seamless integration on all products
  • Direct ongoing technical support

Ad Ops Strategist 

  • Set-up direct ad deals for increased revenue opportunities
  • Create strategic ad campaigns and analyze results

Data Analysts 

  • Semi-annual traffic audits with actionable strategies 
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Semi-annual AdOps review

Dedicated Success Manager

  • Direct access to a dedicated account manager
  • Faster response times
  • Personalized service
  • Bi-weekly calls to evaluate performance
  • First to hear about latest updates and features

SEO Strategist

  • Achieve better website performance with 1-to-1 SEO sessions
  • SEO audit to reveal areas of opportunity

VIP is limited to existing Ezoic customers and unique invitations to large, high-quality publishers. There is a fixed number of publishers added by Ezoic each year, due to the bandwidth of available experts, brand advertising staff, and other custom resources made available in VIP.

Apply To Accept Your Invite

Due to the limited availability and quantity of sites moved into Ezoic’s VIP-level we require applications even for those selected and invited into the program. Upon receiving the application, a VIP team member will review the application and contact you in the order they’re received and evaluated.