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Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to our grand prize winner, @DanFF!

Enjoy your $500 Amazon gift card! Check out the winning post below.

“…Ezoic Premium is an excellent service! It’s like investing in the stock
exchange, but in a bull market only!”


#EzoicCustomerWeek Winners

We selected five additional winners to receive custom-made Ezoic gear, based on their inspiring social entries.

Thank you to everyone who participated!






Recognizing Our Partners

In addition to Ezoic’s social media contest, we were happy to work with our partners to congratulate the 20 contest winners!

“I don’t see any better alternative platform than Ezoic, especially for new websites. It’s the best out there.”

“Ezoic has been pivotal in turning my online career around.”

“A little bit of motivation during those early days means a lot. That tiny bits of 1-2$ motivated me a lot and keep me running.”

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“Big data shows me which pages are big earners and which ones I can improve, and their regular webinars teach me how I can use each one of these tools.”

“Absolutely excellent experience from start to finish, I wouldn’t be where I am without joining Ezoic.”

“Ezoic has been very helpful for me as a less experienced blogger. I liked the idea of learning through Ezoic and the fact that they required that their publishers learn a bit about how they work.”

“Ezoic’s site speed optimizing tool, LEAP, took my Google Core Web Vitals from the 40’s to the 90’s.”

“The ad income has been a huge part of my first income. As a result it has allowed me to invest some money in courses and products to develop my brand and products.”

“You’ll start see the results after just a few days and you’ll wish you switched earlier!”

“Ezoic had definitely made a difference for my business and thanks to the income I get from Ezoic, I’ve been able to invest in other things to grow even more.”

“Ezoic doubled my overall revenue and allowed me to quit my job and run my sites full time.”

“Ezoic helped me placing ads with no effort. I can now manage my website’s ad system easily and with less time.”

“Ezoic has given the smaller publishers an easier goal to reach to be able to play with the big guns with display ads.”

“Don’t wait. Jump right in and enjoy the benefits. The difference between Ezoic and other ad platforms is hard to believe.”

“But after I added Ezoic on my website, I am making more money per month. Really grateful to Ezoic for this.”

“After getting into ezoic, my earnings are improving by 2x every month. Not only, their api provides the best data in the industry.”

“Leap provides all the information required to make the site faster, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge to enable it.”

“Ezoic helped increase my website revenue and traffic to the point that I was able to quit my freelance job and focus solely on my online publishing business.”

“I’m still learning and doing this as a side job, but I came from nothing and achieved at least some promising standings in a very competitive niche.”

“Their webinars have really helped me optimize my website and make it more inviting for people to visit.”