Let's Connect at Digiday

Connect with Ezoic Leadership

The Ezoic leadership team will be attending Digiday in Key of Biscayne (Sept 24-27). You can find us at our Mojito lounge in the main lobby, but we hope that you’ll take a few minutes to schedule some time for us to chat about our recent research, our technology, and our discovery of Fake UX!

If nothing else, maybe we can grab a drink or have you join us for dinner one evening. Below, we have calendars for two of our leaders that you can use to schedule some time with us. Underneath those calendars is a form that you can submit if you’d like to grab a drink, coffee, or dinner one evening.

Chat with Ohad Tzur
Ezoic – VP, Global Partnerships

Schedule Time at Digiday with Ohad

Chat with John Cole
Ezoic – Chief Customer Officer

Schedule Time at Digiday with John

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