Website Uses Ezoic Leap, Drastically Improves Core Web Vitals


91% decrease in Cumulative Layout Shift time

Tyler Kamstra integrated RPGBot.net with Ezoic in March 2017. The site, which provides free articles, content, and online tools for tabletop roleplaying games, gained access to Ezoic Leap in early 2021.

Ezoic Leap is an advanced site speed tool that helps publishers improve site speed and Core Web Vitals: cumulative layout shift (CLS), first input delay (FID), and largest contentful paint (LCP).

One major problem RPGBot.net experienced was its CLS scores. When the website started with Ezoic, its CLS score was at 0.35 seconds. It is recommended that CLS be, at most, 0.1, so there was major room for the website to improve.

Soon after implementing Ezoic Leap and configuring its settings, RPGBot.net’s CLS scores began steadily improving.

Now, the website’s CLS score is steadily at 0.01. Its FID score is also significantly lower; originally, the site’s FID score was 36.7 After activating and configuring Leap settings, RPGBot.net’s FID score is at 21.8, a 41% reduction. The site continues to see FID improvements as time goes on.