Ezoic Case Studies

Ezoic is an end-to-end platform for publishers that want to grow and improve their website, brand, or blog but aren’t sure which next step is the right one. At Ezoic, we give you the ability to discover the next step using a technology platform built for testing and optimization.

Ezoic allows publishers to quickly optimize their site to improve user experiences, ad earnings, SEO, and much more.

Some of our customer case studies are below. We recommend starting with the one Google, our partner, did already. They helped us dig into some of the success we’ve created with our customers and we think you’ll appreciate the results.

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Visitor Segmentation With Ezoic – Case Study

See how several publishers have successfully leverage Ezoic’s machine-learning to segment visitors on their websites automatically. Discover just how impactful delivering different types of visitors alternate layouts and ad combinations can be.

SEO With Ezoic – Case Study

See how Ezoic positively impacts SEO and organic traffic. Discover why Ezoic’s ability to influence user experience metrics has such a positive correlation to improvements in organic keyword rankings.

Ezoic Increases Earnings 300% for AdSense User

See how Ezoic increased revenue by 300% for this former AdSense featured publisher. Learn how Ezoic was able to improve things like bounce rate while also driving up website revenue.

How Local Media Publishers Use Ezoic To Increase Revenue

See how several local media publishers have used Ezoic to increase revenue and deliver better experiences to their users. Learn how Ezoic has helped scale important optimization efforts for these publishers.

How User Experience & Digital Revenue Are Connected – Study

What creates a good experience for website visitors? Looking at traditional metrics does not always deliver the granularity required to understand how ads are truly affecting their experience.

Authentic UX vs. Fake UX – Study

What is Fake UX? Discover how artificially created user experience metrics harm ad revenue. See how Ezoic influences authentic UX improvements and how they correlate to higher earnings and better SEO.

Testing Layouts With Ezoic – Case Study

See why testing layouts with Ezoic has such a strong impact on ad earnings and SEO for these publishers. See examples where sites have increased revenue by more than 400% by automating their layout delivery based on what Ezoic has learned.

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