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The Ezoic blog monetization platform helps bloggers get the most out of their content by simplifying and optimizing things like ads, layouts, and more—all while taking into account how all monetization efforts affect reader experiences (like bounce rate & time on site). Ezoic allows bloggers to earn more revenue than anywhere else while avoiding ad overload.

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Why bloggers use ezoic

Empowered Decision-making

Ezoic is a technology with features built just for bloggers. Ezoic simplifies sophisticated optimizations and testing processes while putting the power of artificial intelligence in your hands. Automate and test things on your own. Learn more about the importance of testing your website.

simplifying ad operations

Ezoic makes ad operations for bloggers easy by automatically testing ad sizes, positions, and demand sources on a per-user basis. All you have to do is drag-n-drop potential ad placeholders on your site—this is easy with Ezoic’s Ad Tester Chrome Extension. Learn more about Ezoic’s Ad Tester.

prioritizing visitors

Revenue and user experience are directly related—Ezoic intelligently optimizes ads while considering how each ad affects your reader’s experience. This means you can rest assured knowing ads won’t take precedence over happy readers. Learn more about UX and Revenues relationship.

treat all visitors differently 

why it works for bloggers

There are potentially millions of different ad combinations, partners, and layout possibilities on your blog. The truth is, every reader is different, and what is best for one, might not be the best for another. Ezoic learns which kinds of ads perform the best with different users and figures out where the ads should go. This balances the relationship between revenue optimization and reader experience.

How to make more money with AdSense
an ezoic success story 

ezoic increased doron’s revenue by 76%

“Ezoic is easy to work with, and the support is great. we can confidently refer any publisher to Ezoic because we have seen very positive results. We worry less about ads, which means we can focus on the future—growing our portfolio and content sites.” Doron Wolffberg, Lead of Digital Mergers & Acquisitions at YellowHEAD

intimidating made easy

easily improve your site

Most bloggers start by using Ad Tester because it gives you control over selecting ad placeholders—Ezoic then tests ads in those locations. This means you earn ad revenue while Ezoic balances ad placements with visitor experiences. Bloggers can also improve things like revenue, site speed, bounce rate, session duration, SEO, and pageviews per visit with other features in Ezoic’s platform. 

How to make more money with AdSense
an ezoic success story 

ezoic increased iva’s revenue by 52%

“Ezoic is easy to work with, and the results have been amazing. The customer service is top-notch! Ezoic needs more exposure. I will continue to use and recommend Ezoic.”

Iva Ursano, Owner & Founder of

view how readers behave

improve content engagement

Ezoic provides insights not just more data. Big Data Analytics provides powerful insights you can actually use. Get data on traffic and revenue by topic, author, content age, and more. See how readers are really engaging and how that is directly impacting how much money you make from your blog.

avoid ad overload 

FEWER ADs, more money 

Ezoic will optimize your ad placements to build increased advertising rates over time. This means that Ezoic will often decrease ad density to create greater demand for certain visitors. Machine learning makes this possible by understanding the relationship between advertiser bids and visitor value.  

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Ezoic allows bloggers to dedicate small portions of traffic to Ezoic to start with. This allows you to see how well Ezoic works before disrupting any of your current efforts or monetization relationships.