Ezoic is a “decision layer” that sits on top of your existing website.

It works with all CMS, hosting companies, programming languages and ad stacks.

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Ad Tester

Use A.I. to display the best ad locations, sizes & colors – optimized for page, device, time, geography, context, traffic source, utm_source, user behavior and much more..


Bring your own ad networks, direct sold ads and header bidding partners and have them all compete for your ad space.


Layout Tester

Pick templates to test from our extensive library – or test them all – and determine which is best for user experience and traffic.

Script Tester

Stop flying blind by constantly trying out new plugins and scripts without measuring how they affect your site.

Header Bidding

Use a simple web interface and advanced machine learning backend to manage and optimize your header bidding partners.

Content Tester

Easily test different titles, content or entire pages and let our A.I. system show the best ones based upon context, traffic source, time and individual user behavior.

Dig Deeper

Publishers & Site Owners

Learn how the Ezoic platform empowers publishers by making essential tasks – such as revenue optimization and content testing – simple and intuitive.

Ad Operations Professionals

Learn how Ezoic works with your existing ad stack and gives you access to advanced machine learning features without disrupting your existing workflow or direct sales.

Revenue Managers

Discover how Ezoic can provide you insights about – and optimize based upon – your ad campaigns, content and user preference.  Increase your revenue by 50% – 150%

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