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Automated Testing For Digital Publishers

There are millions of variables on your website right now. Simple A/B testing will never allow you to find the optimal ad combinations for visitors. Furthermore, every visitor prefers a different experience.

This is exactly what the Ezoic Artificial Intelligence Platform was designed help with…

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You can test Ezoic on only a small portion of your traffic so that you can compare your site’s performance with Ezoic vs. your existing site

Increase Revenue

Ezoic balances UX & revenue; extending user sessions and allowing for higher ad earnings.

Improve UX

Ezoic takes into account bounce rate, pageviews per visit, and session duration when testing.

Enhance Value Per Visitor

Leverage technology, partners, and data to improve each visitor’s experience and the amount the site earns from each visit

Harness the power of true machine learning

From what we’ve seen over the past 6+ months working with Ezoic, we’re extremely excited to continue to work with their technology and their team. They’re incredibly responsive, and they’ve made us a smarter company. We’re tracking towards significant YoY revenue growth during what is traditionally our lowest period of the year.

Charles Cox


Start With Ezoic Now

Start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through to Ezoic. This way you can compare how Ezoic performs vs. your existing configuration.

What Does Ezoic Do?

Testing & Optimization

There are potentially millions of variables on your web properties right now. These are all elements that could be potentially altered or tested — and as you might imagine — some of these combinations offer significantly better performance than others.

Ezoic is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help digital publishers improve the performance of their web properties by optimizing all of these variables together at once.

By optimizing your site with Ezoic’s powerful testing and optimization applications, your site can improve things like revenue, SEO, site speed, bounce rate, session duration, and pageviews per visit.

Ad Tester

Ezoic’s flagship platform application is called Ad Tester.  Ezoic’s Ad Tester harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically test and optimize all of the possible ad combinations on a website.

Ad tester allows publishers to keep all of their existing ad networks and ad partnerships while providing them a mechanism for testing things like …

  • Ad size
  • Ad position
  • Ad color
  • Ad density
  • Ad types
  • And more

… all on a per user basis. This means Ezoic will automatically test all of these variables against the different types of users that visit the site. This can be done using an easy drag and drop Chrome extension. This helps improve critical metrics like…

  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Pageviews per visit
  • Earnings per thousand visitors

Ad Tester puts total control in the hands of website owners. You control the experiments and pick the rules. Ezoic provides a sophisticated way to ensure that sites are delivering their visitors the best possible ad experience.

Access Premium Relationships

Ezoic allows you to keep existing ad relationships while providing access to over 1,000 new premium ad partners — like Google’s Ad Exchange.

Effectively implement header bidding & ad mediation

Using Ezoic’s Ad Mediation application, you can easily link up your site’s current ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads and header bidding partners to the Ezoic platform. Your ad partners will then compete with the over 1,500 ad partners that Ezoic works with – driving up the value of your website ad inventory. When the networks compete, your site wins!

Header bidding is the hottest thing in ad serving right now — and for good reason — as it can boost your website’s revenue if implemented properly.  Ezoic’s A.I. platform is able to maximize returns while avoiding many of the common pitfalls that publishers run into — such as degraded page load speed.

Bid without risk

We’ve gotten enough data to prove that header bidding actually works, but there are some caveats. It must be done correctly, with the right rules in place to ensure pages aren’t loaded slowly, and that ad latency doesn’t affect performance. Our platform implements these rules automatically based on real data; ensuring that your inventory is always maximizing it’s potential earning power.

Report the truth

Best of all, when using ad mediation with Ezoic, you can track and report all of the revenue earned from your ad partners in the Ezoic reporting interface.  This means that you’ll be able to see all your site’s ad revenue in one place and be able to better determine how your decisions are affecting increases in ad revenue.


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Try Ezoic On Your Site Today

You can start by sending only a small percentage of your web traffic through Ezoic. This way you have a true apples-to-apples comparison of Ezoic’s effectiveness. There’s no risk.