Ezoic Referral Program

What is the Ezoic Referral Program?

The Ezoic Referral Program is for advocates who would like to introduce the Ezoic platform to other website owners and digital publishers. By making the introduction, or getting these publishers to sign-up for Ezoic, Referral Program members will be entitled to a monthly commission; based on the earnings of the website owners or publishers who join the platform due to their recommendation.

All the advocate has to do is make the introduction to the website owner or publishers to get credit for the sign-up. Then, they can sit back and accumulate passive income for all of the traffic monetized by that publisher through Ezoic. Referrers can choose to use tracking tags to send publishers to the Ezoic website, or simply make direct introductions to the Ezoic Publisher team to get credit for the introduction.

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Benefits of the Referral Program

Referrers will earn 3% of a publisher’s total revenue on all traffic they send through Ezoic for the lifetime that they use the Ezoic platform. The program member will be credited with a sale immediately when a new publisher starts using Ezoic and will be able to collect the commission in the following month.

Additionally, Ezoic referrers receive direct support from the Ezoic sales and executive staff to support their introduction to new website owners and publishers. Meanwhile, Ezoic account managers will help ensure they’re properly credited with all introductions.

Finally, active Ezoic referrers will receive first access to previews of new Ezoic features and information.

Get Started With Introductions

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is help make the introduction. Fill out the form below to get started and a member of our team will help you get set up.