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The Ezoic Affiliate Program allows publishers to introduce Ezoic’s advanced, data-driven platform to other website owners. By sending referrals to Ezoic, affiliate members are entitled to a monthly commission based on the earnings of the referrals website.

Our most successful affiliates promote Ezoic through detailed reviews of Ezoic products, inside online communities, and via their own websites. If you are interested in signing up to be an affiliate, visit the Ezoic Reviews page for inspiration on how to create a great review and encourage others to use Ezoic technology.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) below to help you navigate through the process of getting started, and what to expect once you’re a part of Ezoic’s Affiliate Program.


How do I sign up for Ezoic’s Affiliate Program?

It’s simple! Visit our sign-up page and fill in your details to get started today. After signing up for Ezoic’s Affiliate Program, Tapfiliate will generate a custom affiliate link for you. This link contains a unique tracking ID that allows us to trace new sign-ups through this link back to you. You can begin using your affiliate link immediately!

Please note that if you have a non-profit site, you may not participate in the affiliate program.

How much can I earn as an affiliate? 

Affiliates earn 3% of a publisher’s total revenue on all traffic they send through Ezoic for the lifetime that they use the Ezoic platform. Affiliates will be credited with conversion as soon as someone signs up for Ezoic through your affiliate link and begin collecting commission in the following month.

Can I refer others to become affiliates also? 

At this time we do not support MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) for our affiliate program. In other words, you cannot earn commission on affiliates that you refer.

When and how do I get paid?

Affiliates can be paid by either check, Paypal, or Payoneer. In order to receive payment, you will need to add a payment method to your affiliate account and earn a minimum of $20 in commission to be eligible for payout.

Our affiliate payout terms for customer referrals operate on a 30-day net payment for the previous month (i.e. September earnings would be paid out at the end of October)

Where do my commissions come from?

Your commissions come from Ezoic’s profit from your direct referral or “conversion”. 

What is the criteria for a conversion?

If a potential Ezoic user clicks the affiliate link, they are redirected to Ezoic’s website. The user then must sign up and begin leveraging Ezoic technology to be attributed as a conversion.

A conversion takes place when a publisher starts generating revenue through Ezoic’s platform. In order to qualify as a conversion, a publisher must sign-up, integrate, and then ‘turn-on’ Ezoic. Regardless of the Ezoic product they are referred to use, an affiliate will start earning commission as soon as the referral collects revenue in their Ezoic account. 

That conversion or referral does have the ability to split their traffic with Ezoic and Adsense. However, you will only receive commission on traffic sent to Ezoic.

How long does it take for my conversion (new publisher) to start using Ezoic’s technology? 

An average onboarding time for publishers signing up for Ezoic is less than one week – after which, you will receive commission from that referral and be paid during the next billing cycle.

Is there a limit on how many conversions I can have/how much commission I can make?

No. There is an unlimited conversion rate and no commission cap. Recruit as many sites as you want! You get a commission based on all the publishers you convert, regardless of when the site itself was signed-up.

The minimum threshold for payment, however, is $20 and you must have at least one conversion.

How are my conversions tracked?

Conversions are tracked through our third-party provider, Tapfiliate. Each affiliate link contains a unique tracking ID and cookie that can be traced back to you and your Ezoic account.

If a potential Ezoic user clicks the asset or affiliate link, they are redirected to our website. From there, if they sign-up and start using Ezoic, you will get credit for the conversion.

What’s an asset?

An asset is essentially an image or “ad creative” that you can use to promote Ezoic. Instead of only providing your referral link, you can place a “banner” or “text-link” on your website or review that will track your conversions the same way.

What Ezoic products can I refer others to use?

Affiliates can generate a custom affiliate link to refer others to use any Ezoic product, including: Monetization (preferred), Leap, Big Data Analytics, SEO Tag Tester, Video Player, Ezoic Cloud, and Access Now. 

All assets are provided for you, and you can access them by going to Programs > Ezoic Affiliate Program > Assets. There you will be given the code that you can paste on any Ezoic promotion.

How long does someone have to signup after clicking on my affiliate link in order for me to get credit for that referral? 

30 days. If a potential customer does not sign-up within that time, the cookie will expire and you will not be credited with any sort of conversion.

If someone signs-up within the 30-day period, but does not begin using Ezoic in 30 days (i.e. integrating and turning Ezoic on), you will still receive commission if you were credited for their initial sign-up. As long as they start using Ezoic at some time in the future, you will receive 3% of their Ezoic earnings, no matter how long it takes for them to get started.

What if I refer someone to use Ezoic, but they have already used Ezoic in the past? 

Our affiliate program can only give credit for a conversion if a referral both signs up and starts using Ezoic. For that reason, if someone starts using Ezoic after a hiatus, you will not be eligible for any commission (because they already have an Ezoic account).

The Affiliate Program is to recruit new customers only.

Can I see the sites I refer to Ezoic?

No. To keep the domain of referred sites private, affiliates and referrals do not have access to view sites they have referred.

Which keyword should I target to promote Ezoic? 

“Increase ad revenue”, “ad optimization”, “ad testing” and “earn more from your website” are a few commonly used keywords. A good tip is to use Google Trends and see what people are searching for in regards to ad income and the online advertising ecosystem as a whole.

Feel free to come up with your own keywords, but please make sure you are operating within the affiliate terms and conditions.

What happens if a potential referral clicks more than one Ezoic referral link in the past 30 days?

The affiliate whose referral link was clicked LAST (aka the most recently clicked) prior to signup will receive the commission if the publisher converts. 

Can I edit the landing pages?

The landing page is where potential conversions are redirected when they click on a referral link. By default, they are redirected to https://www.ezoic.com, where they can sign-up and also learn a little more about Ezoic. If you want, you can modify the landing page to take them directly to https://www.ezoic.com/start.php instead. It will track the conversion just the same.

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