Ezoic Affiliate FAQs


What is the Ezoic Affiliate Program?

A new affiliate program for anyone who wants to promote the Ezoic platform to their users AND be compensated for their efforts. With it, you can earn a monthly commission by referring someone to Ezoic.

How does the program work?

It’s easy. Simply recruit on behalf of Ezoic using your unique “referral link”. This contains the unique tracking ID so that those who sign-up can be traced back to you!

How much can I earn from being an affiliate?

You will earn 3% of a publisher’s ‘Ezoic Earnings’ for the lifetime that they use the Ezoic system. You will be credited with a sale immediately when someone starts using Ezoic, and will be able to collect your commission in the following month.

What are “Ezoic Earnings”?

Ezoic earnings include all the revenue collected from Ezoic ad partners for a given site. This revenue is collected in the publisher’s Ezoic account and paid monthly. These are what we refer to as ‘Ezoic Earnings’.

Publishers do have the ability to split their traffic between Ezoic and their original layout. Whatever revenue they earn from their original layout is not included in their ‘Ezoic Earnings’. Only the revenue generated through Ezoic’s platform and collected in their Ezoic Dashboard is considered ‘Ezoic Earnings’.

Do note that the 3% commission is taken from Ezoic, not from the new Publisher 

Your affiliate page mentions the Ad Tester tool which I’ve noticed in the Ezoic dashboard. However, you have all sorts of other apps (including an iOS App Creator). Is the Ad Tester your preferred method of testing for customers?

Correct. The Ad Tester is our primary product right now. Publishers will be more comfortable using the Ad Tester first and then adding apps as they go along. It’s not mandatory, but we think it’s best for our affiliates to stick with promoting the Ad Tester (especially since this is the largest revenue generator for Ezoic). However if you’d really like to promote the other tools– like the iOS App Creator or Layout Tester– feel free!

What is the approx. average monthly earnings for your users?

If we divide the total revenue by the total number of sites that use Ezoic, each site would be making $1600/month. That means affiliates can potentially make 3% of that every month — and that’s only for one “conversion”!

Is there a limit on how many conversions I can have/ how much commission I can make?

No! There is an unlimited conversion rate and commission cap. Recruit as many sites as you want! You get a commission based on all the publishers you convert, regardless of when the site itself was signed-up!

The minimum threshold for payment however is $20 and you must have at least one conversion.

What is a “conversion” exactly?

A conversion takes place when a publisher starts generating revenue through Ezoic’s platform. In order to start working with us, a publisher must sign-up, integrate and then ‘turn-on’ the system. It’s that easy! Regardless of the app they’re using (i.e. Ad Tester, Layout Tester, iOS App, etc), as soon as they start collecting revenue through their Ezoic account, an affiliate will start earning commission.

There are indeed other Ezoic products that can also contribute to your earnings, including the iOS App Creator and the Layout Tester app, which work similarly to the Ad Tester. With them, publishers will earn ad income daily, which can then be converted to your 3% commission.

How are my “conversions” tracked?

Conversions are tracked through our third party provider, Tapfiliate. In essence, each “referral link” contains a unique tracking ID and cookie that can be traced back to you and your Ezoic account.

If a potential Ezoic user clicks the asset/referral link, they are redirected to our website. From there, if they sign-up and start using Ezoic, you will get credit for the “conversion”.

How long do cookies last?

14 days.

If a potential customer does not sign-up within that time, the cookie will expire and you will not be credited with any sort of conversion (obviously).

Additionally, if someone signs-up within the 14-day period, but does not begin testing in 14 days, you will still receive commission if you were credited for their initial sign-up. As long as they start using Ezoic at some time in the future, you will receive 3% of their Ezoic earnings, no matter how long it takes for them to get started!

What’s an asset?

An asset is essentially a creative that you can use to promote Ezoic. Instead of simply providing your referral link, you can place a “banner” or “text-link” that will track your conversions the same way.

All assets are provided for you, and you can access them by going to Programs > Ezoic Affiliate Program > Assets. There you will be given the code that you can paste on any Ezoic promotion.

When and how do I get paid exactly?

Our affiliates can be paid by either check, Paypal or ACH. Payments from the previous month will be processed at the end of the current one. For example, all affiliates earnings from January (for example) will be paid out at the end of February.

What is your average on-boarding time (i.e. from you receiving a lead to Ezoic being “live”)?

Average on-boarding time for most is less than one week. Publishers can be up and running with Ezoic in 24 hours (and sometimes even less), but it doesn’t always happen that way.

What type of site would your ideal customer have (i.e. the one that earns the most revenue)?

The ideal customer is a site owner that uses display advertising to generate an income. For that reason, Ezoic does well with informational sites. Sites that do a lot of affiliate sales or sell their own products are more difficult because the system can only track and optimize the display ad revenue. Affiliate commissions cannot be earned from referred sites that are non-profit entities

What types of sites are your primary market or ideal customer?

Any publisher who uses display advertising (or is interested in getting set-up) can use Ezoic. It doesn’t matter if they only use Adsense or a combination of the many other ad networks out there. The system is designed to optimize ad revenue from any display network or native ad network. Even if they don’t use display advertising currently, publishers can quickly and easily get set-up using Ezoic.

Which keywords do you target / which keywords would you like affiliates to target?

“Increase ad revenue”, “adsense revenue”, “ad optimization”, “ad testing” “earn more from your website” – just to name a few. A good tip is to use Google Trends and see what people are searching for in regards to ad income and the online advertising ecosystem as a whole.

Feel free to come up with our own keywords, but please make sure you are operating within the affiliate terms and conditions.

How do you deal with duplicate leads? Let’s say a potential site is on your prospect list, and then I send the same prospect to you. Or, if the client isn’t on your list, but you are pitching to them while I send the same lead. Does it count for my commission, or just as a normal lead for you?

In both cases, YOU! If a prospective publishers uses your promotion as means of researching/learning more about Ezoic, then the affiliate program is functioning exactly the way we intended it to!

How does it work if someone is influenced, but already used Ezoic in the past?

Unfortunately, our affiliate program can only give credit for a conversion if someone both signs up AND starts using Ezoic. For that reason, if someone starts using Ezoic after a hiatus, you will not be eligible for any commission (because they already have an Ezoic account).

The Affiliate Program is to recruit new customers only.

How does it work if a potential publisher has clicked more than one Ezoic referral link in the past 14 days?

The affiliate whose referral link was clicked LAST (aka the most recently clicked) will receive the commission. In other words, the “last cookie in” gets credit for the sale.

Can I edit the landing pages?

The landing page is where potential conversions are redirected when they click on a referral link.

By default, they are redirected to https://www.ezoic.com, where they can sign-up and also learn a little more about Ezoic.

If you want, you can modify the landing page to take them directly to https://www.ezoic.com/start.php instead. It will track the conversion just the same.