Advanced Ad Earnings Reporting

The Ezoic Platform provides the most extensive and detailed site data and ad earnings reporting available for publishers today.   You can view complete revenue and user experience metrics split, grouped and filtered in more than 100 million different ways.
advanced ad earnings reporting
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One big difference that you’ll notice with advanced reporting is that there is no limit to the levels that you can break down data related to your visitor’s behavior.

For example, you can view revenue for each site, daily, by traffic source that landed on each landing page, split by geography and device type.  There are no limits to the level at which you can slice up the data.

All advanced reporting data is available for access via an API so you can pull in your data into your own internal systems for reporting or analysis. Connect the data to your other critical systems, or simply export it to a CSV. Ezoic puts the data in your hands.
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advanced user experience tracking visitor experience

Take advantage of advanced user experience tracking. Leverage insights on user behavior and visitor intent to improve your SEO and digital revenue. Truly understand when users are engaging with your website vs. struggling with load times or navigation.


– Navigation Bounces
– Engagement Time
– Return Visitor Rate
– Copy/Paste Per Visit
– Engaged Pageviews per Visit
– Website Response Time
– Navigation To Connect
– Share Interaction Rate
– and More…

measure user experience and user engagement

Available Reporting Splits / Groupings / Filters:



Device Category


Landing Page





Traffic Source / Referring Domain

UTM Source

UTM Medium

UTM Campaign

UTM Content

UTM Term


Additional Range Filters:


Page views


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